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Men are confused. They don't have a vision and a picture of what we're called to step up to. We heap all this guilt on them—calling them to be men—and they never get a definition of what it is. Listen now Share this More Dennis RaineyDennis Rainey

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Raising Teenagerswith Den Trumbull

Day 3 of 3: Pediatricians Dr. Den Trumbull and Dr. Michelle Cretella give moms and dads some sound advice for pr...


Screen Time for Kidswith Den Trumbull

Day 2 of 3: Children are using computers at younger and younger ages. Is this good for them? Pediatricians Dr. D...


Baby Basicswith Den Trumbull

Day 1 of 3: Dr. Den Trumbull and Dr. Michelle Cretella give parents some sound advice for settling down little o...


A Shoulder to Lean Onwith Vivian Mabuni

Day 2 of 2: Cancer doesn't just affect cancer patients, but also those who love them. Wife and mother of three V...


Hope in the Valleywith Vivian Mabuni

Day 1 of 2: Cancer is no respecter of persons. Cancer survivor Vivian Mabuni recalls how she reacted when she re...


Money and Your Matewith Tommy Nelson

Day 2 of 2: Should you handle your money any differently now that you're married? Tommy Nelson, pastor of Denton...


Five Things You Need to Know A...with Tommy Nelson

Day 1 of 2: You're engaged. Do you know how you will relate to your fiancé's parents after you're married? Pas...


Don't Waste Your Marriagewith Francis Chan

Day 3 of 3: Why did the Lord bring you and your spouse together? Francis and Lisa Chan, remind couples that God ...


Marriage to the Glory of Godwith Francis Chan

Day 2 of 3: Francis and Lisa Chan, married for 21 years and parents of seven children, encourage husbands and wi...


Marriage in Light of Eternitywith Francis Chan

Day 1 of 3: Pastor Francis Chan and his wife, Lisa, remind listeners how important it is to find a spouse who lo...


A Marriage Revolutionwith Hans and Star Molegraaf

Day 2 of 2: Hans and Star Molegraaf tell how their marriage fell apart nearly as quickly as their romance had st...


From Infatuation to Brokenness...with Hans and Star Molegraaf

Day 1 of 2: Sparks flew the night they met. Hans and Star Molegraaf reminisce about their whirlwind courtship an...


Prepare to Be Safewith Justin Holcomb

Day 3 of 3: If your marriage is abusive, what should you do? Author and pastor Justin Holcomb gives some steps t...


Deliver Us From Evilwith Justin Holcomb

Day 2 of 3: Can domestic abuse be found in Christian homes too? Absolutely, states Pastor Justin Holcomb. A desi...


What Is Domestic Abuse?with Justin Holcomb

Day 1 of 3: Domestic abuse is ravaging our homes. Pastor Justin Holcomb defines the meaning of domestic violence...


Catching the Little Foxeswith Dan Allender

Day 3 of 3: Is something putting a damper on your sex life lately? Dan Allender takes us to the "little foxes" t...


Desire and Holinesswith Dan Allender

Day 2 of 3: God thinks highly of the sexual union. After all, He created it. Professor Dan Allender walks us thr...


To Know and Be Knownwith Dan Allender

Day 1 of 3: God loves sex. Surprised? Well-known author and speaker, Dan Allender, reminds listeners that sex wa...


Why Are Men and Women So Diffe...with Ann Wilson

Day 2 of 2: According to Pastor Dave Wilson and his wife, Ann, a man's relationship with God is key to unlocking...


The Dance of Intimacywith Ann Wilson

Day 1 of 2: Pastor Dave Wilson and his wife, Ann, explore the complex and wonderful dance of marital intimacy as...


Seeking God Togetherwith Sam Ingrassia

Day 2 of 2: Are you and your spouse seeking God together? Author Sam Ingrassia talks about the blessings of pray...


United in Prayerwith Sam Ingrassia

Day 1 of 2: Sam Ingrassia and his wife had hit a rough patch in their 37-year marriage. Sam tells how he and his...


Cherishing Your Spousewith David Delk

Day 3 of 3: Did you realize your wedding dress was really a cheerleader uniform? David Delk reminds us that in m...


Making Your Spouse Your Priori...with David Delk

Day 2 of 3: You said, "I Do." Now what? David Delk encourages couples to get out of their ruts and change the w...


68 Words to Change Your Marria...with David Delk

Day 1 of 3: Are you regularly praying for your spouse? David Delk introduces the Marriage Prayer-68 powerful wor...


The Art of Effective Prayerwith Crawford Loritts

Day 1 of 1: Christians often toss prayers up with little regard for the nature of their intended recipient. But ...


Praying Together: Ed and Wendy...with Dennis Rainey

Day 4 of 4: God inclines His ear to those who pray. Dennis and Barbara Rainey swap stories of answered prayer wi...


Praying Together: Brett and Ca...with Dennis Rainey

Day 3 of 4: Dennis and Barbara Rainey, authors of "Two Hearts Praying as One," talk with Brett and Carrie Chaffe...


Praying Together Is Challengin...with Dennis Rainey

Day 2 of 4: What is keeping you from praying with your spouse? Dennis and Barbara Rainey talk about the challeng...


Praying Together: Mitchell and...with Dennis Rainey

Day 1 of 4: Dennis and Barbara Rainey talk about the joys of praying together as a couple. Mitchell and Beth Dea...

Featured resources View list

What's Best for Children - Special Offer

Right from the Start

By: Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Shepherding a Child's Heart

By: Tedd Tripp

While They Are Sleeping

By: Anne Arkins, Gary Harrell

Warrior in Pink - Special Offer

Warrior in Pink

By: Vivian Mabuni

Help for the Caregiver

By: Dr. Michael R. Emlet

Inlaws, Mates, and Money - Special Offer

Ride It Out Together - Music Video

By: Francis and Lisa Chan

The Art of Marriage Anniversary Offer

By: FamilyLife®

You and Me Forever - Special Offer

You and Me Forever

By: Francis and Lisa Chan

Love Renewed: Hans and Star - Special Offer

Fight Fair

By: Tim and Joy Downs

Anger: Handling a Powerful Emotion

By: Gary Chapman

FamilyLife articles and resources on abuse

Is It My Fault? - Free Chapters

By: Justin and Lindsey Holcomb

Making a Safety Plan

By: Justin and Lindsey Holcomb

Are You in an Abusive Relationship?

By: Justin and Lindsey Holcomb

Is It My Fault? - Special Offer

Is It My Fault?

By: Justin and Lindsey Holcomb

A Way of Hope

By: Leslie Barner

Finding Holiness in Intimacy - Special Offer

Rekindling the Romance

By: Dennis and Barbara Rainey

The Mystery of Intimacy in Marriage - Special Offer

God Loves Sex

By: Dan Allender and Tremper Longman

Just Say the Word - Special Offer

Just Say the Word

By: Sam Ingrassia

Lifting My Family in Prayer Cards

The Marriage Prayer (PDF)

The Marriage Prayer - Special Offer

The Marriage Prayer

By: David Delk

The Art of Effective Prayer - Special Offer

Two Hearts Praying as One - Special Offer

War Room - Special Offer

The Battle Plan for Prayer

By: Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick

Overcoming Prayerlessness - Special Offer

A Praying Life

By: Paul E. Miller

A Praying Life - Special Offer

Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family

By: Michelle Anthony

Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family - Special Offer

30-Day Oneness Prayer Challenge

Counter Culture

By: David Platt

Counter Culture - Special Offer

Adopting the Football Team - Special Offer

"Engrafted" Music Video

By: Diego Fuller

The Accidental Feminist - Special Offer

The Accidental Feminist

By: Courtney Reissig

Growing Together in Courage

By: Barbara Rainey

Growing Together 4-Pack

By: Barbara Rainey

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