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Rural and Urban Ministry

December 09, 2017

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Reading to Children

December 08, 2017

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God Breaking Into History

December 07, 2017

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Giving It Forward

December 06, 2017

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Ditching the Bucket List

December 05, 2017

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The Broken Way

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Resolving Conflict

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Letting Go and Before the Last Resort Special Offer

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Letting Go

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Young Man's Guide & Passport2Identity for Young Men Special Offer

The Young Man's Guide to Awesomeness

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Fun Loving You

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Out of the Dust Audio CD

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Before the Last Resort

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If My Husband Would Change Special Offer

If My Husband Would Change

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Preparing for Marriage Leader Pack

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Steadfast Love

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God's Good Plan for Husbands and Wives Special Offer

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FamilyLife This WeekDec

Rural and Urban Ministrywith Hannah Anderson

Day 1 of 1: Hannah Anderson describes her life and church ministry in a rural setting, and David Robbins describ...

FamilyLife TodayDec

Reading to Childrenwith Sally Lloyd-Jones

Day 2 of 2: Author Sally Lloyd-Jones tells about her calling as a children's author and stresses the importance ...

FamilyLife TodayDec

God Breaking Into Historywith Sally Lloyd-Jones

Day 1 of 2: Sally Lloyd-Jones gets us in the spirit of the holidays by recalling the Christmases of her youth in...

FamilyLife TodayDec

Giving It Forwardwith Ann Voskamp

Day 3 of 3: Ann Voskamp talks about the thrill of "giving it forward." Whether it's through a smile, a financial...

FamilyLife TodayDec

Ditching the Bucket Listwith Ann Voskamp

Day 2 of 3: Ann Voskamp talks about the meaninglessness of creating a bucket list with exotic places to visit wh...

FamilyLife TodayDec

Giving Thanks in Difficult Pla...with Ann Voskamp

Day 1 of 3: Ann Voskamp talks about the blessing of thanking God in the hard times. She reminds us that God love...

FamilyLife This WeekDec

Marriage and Family Mentorswith Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Day 1 of 1: Hear what Dennis and Barbara Rainey have learned over 40 years in ministry. They share valuable less...

FamilyLife TodayDec

Love Is Patientwith Lou Priolo

Day 3 of 3: Lou Priolo, biblical counselor and author of "Resolving Conflict," reminds us that when facing confl...

FamilyLife TodayNov

Prerequisites for Resolving Co...with Lou Priolo

Day 2 of 3: Biblical counselor Lou Priolo opens the Scriptures to Ephesians 4 to understand the benefits of humi...

FamilyLife TodayNov

How to Make, Disturb, and Keep...with Lou Priolo

Day 1 of 3: Lou Priolo encourages listeners not to shy away from conflict, but to face it head on, knowing that'...

FamilyLife TodayNov

Jesus, the Bright and Morning ...

Day 2 of 2: Barbara Rainey and Tracy Lane remind listeners that Christmas is the perfect time to tell others abo...

FamilyLife TodayNov

More Than Baking Cookies

Day 1 of 2: There's more to the holidays than just baking cookies and shopping. Barbara Rainey and co-worker, Tr...

FamilyLife This WeekNov

My Grownup Christmas Listwith Bob Lepine

Day 1 of 1: What do you think God wants us to have for Christmas? What about the Fruit of the Spirit? Bob Lepine...

FamilyLife TodayNov

The Real First Thanksgivingwith Tracy McKenzie

Day 2 of 2: History professor Tracy McKenzie and Barbara Rainey take us on a fascinating journey through history...

FamilyLife TodayNov

Remembering the Pilgrimswith Tracy McKenzie

Day 1 of 2: Tracy McKenzie and Barbara Rainey take us back to the 1600s to the village of Scrooby, the birthplac...

FamilyLife TodayNov

Bedrock Beliefs Become Life Me...with Dennis Rainey

Day 3 of 3: For Dennis Rainey, life messages are bedrock beliefs founded on Scripture. We're exploring key theme...

FamilyLife TodayNov

A Wife's Quiet Influence

Day 2 of 3: Barbara Rainey has exerted a quiet influence over the life of her husband for more than four decades...

FamilyLife TodayNov

Parenting, Rainey Style

Day 1 of 3: Raising children in the limelight is diifficult. For Dennis and Barbara Rainey, the remedy was to li...

FamilyLife This WeekNov


Day 1 of 1: Barbara Rainey's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving Day. Find out how she impressed gratitude on her c...

FamilyLife TodayNov

Quietly Pursuing a Dreamwith Steve Green

Day 3 of 3: Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby, shares the story behind the Museum of the Bible in a special...

FamilyLife TodayNov

The Vital Role of Challenging ...with Ben Sasse

Day 2 of 3: Senator Ben Sasse explores the vital role that challenging work plays in the formation of healthy a...

FamilyLife TodayNov

The DNA of Adulthoodwith Ben Sasse

Day 1 of 3: Ben Sasse, U.S. Senator for Nebraska, explains how our culture is no longer passing down the skills ...

FamilyLife TodayNov

Why Names Matter

Day 2 of 2: Ready or not, here they come! The holidays, that is. Barbara Rainey and her daughter Laura Rainey Dr...

FamilyLife TodayNov

Traditions are Like Family Glu...

Day 1 of 2: Barbara Rainey and her daughter Laura Rainey Dries discuss fun ideas to help keep Christ at the cent...

FamilyLife This WeekNov

Suffering and Losswith Tom and Dena Yohe

Day 1 of 1: Dena Yohe, Dennis Rainey, and Rebecca and Jake Mutz talk about their moments of profound grief, and...

FamilyLife TodayNov

Men Who Marked the Ministrywith Bill Bright

Day 5 of 5: Hear from the people who directly influenced Dennis Rainey, and consequently the entire ministry of ...

FamilyLife TodayNov

Fresh Voices, Timeless Truthwith David Platt

Day 4 of 5: Every generation needs fresh new leaders and thinkers to point people to God's Word. Find out more f...

FamilyLife TodayNov

Beyond the Platformwith Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Day 3 of 5: Biblical truth should affect how you live every season of your life. Learn more from John Piper, Nan...

FamilyLife TodayNov

Preachers and Teacherswith Chuck Swindoll

Day 2 of 5: Studying and teaching the Bible is of great importance. Hear from noted bible teachers Chuck Swindol...

FamilyLife TodayNov

Crooners and Coacheswith Paul Overstreet

Day 1 of 5: Singer-songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth, songwriter Paul Overstreet, and coa...

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