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Thinking the Best of Our Spouse

September 21, 2018

FamilyLife Today

Stinkin' Thinkin'

September 20, 2018

FamilyLife Today

Starting Over

September 19, 2018

FamilyLife Today

Persisting in Love

September 18, 2018

FamilyLife Today

For Better or Worse

September 17, 2018

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Host Michelle Hill

FamilyLife This Week® Host

Host Michelle Hill

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9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage

By: Sheila Wray Gregoire

9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage Special Offer

A Fierce Love Special Offer

A Fierce Love

By: Shauna Shanks

Making Love Last Special Offer

Making Love Last

By: Laura Taggart

Enter the Ring Special Offer

Enter the Ring

By: D. A. and Elicia Horton

Weekend to Remember® 50% Off

The Dating Manifesto Special Offer

The Sacred Search

By: Gary Thomas

Why I Didn't Rebel Special Offer

Why I Didn't Rebel

By: Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach

Winsome Persuasion Special Offer

Winsome Persuasion

By: Timothy Muehlhoff, Rick Langer

Putting Your Spouse in the Front Seat Special Offer

Rethinking Sexuality Special Offer

Rethinking Sexuality

By: Juli Slattery

The Gospel Comes with a House Key Special Offer

The Gospel Comes with a House Key

By: Rosaria Butterfield

Gospel Centered Mom - Special Offer

Gospel Centered Mom

By: Brooke McGlothlin

Secrets Special Offer


By: Jonathan Daugherty

Love Thy Body

By: Nancy Pearcey

FamilyLife articles on Adoption and Orphans

Considering Adoption

Step-Grandparenting Special Offer

Choosing A Life That Matters: Love God - Special Offer

The College Girls Survival Guide

By: Hanna Seymour

FamilyLife’s 30-Day Parenting Prayer Challenge

Preparing Children for Marriage

By: Josh Mulvihill

How to Overcome Worry Special Offer

How to Overcome Worry

By: Winfred Neely

Organic Mentoring Special Offer

Critical Conversations Special Offer

Critical Conversations

By: Tim Gilson

Messy Grace Special Offer

Messy Grace

By: Caleb Kaltenbach

Grace for the Afflicted Special Offer

Grace for the Afflicted

By: Matthew S. Stanford

The God Guarantee Special Offer

The God Guarantee

By: Jack Alexander

She is Yours Special Offer

She is Yours

By: Jonathan and Wynter Pitts

Building a Fire in the Rain Special Offer

Mere Sexuality Special Offer

Mere Sexuality

By: Todd A. Wilson

Living Fit Special Offer

Living Fit

By: Ronnie Floyd

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FamilyLife TodaySep

Thinking the Best of Our Spous...with Sheila Wray Gregoire

Day 2 of 2: Author and blogger Sheila Wray Gregoire shares what she's learned about conflict resolution in over ...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Stinkin' Thinkin'with Sheila Wray Gregoire

Day 1 of 2: Sheila Gregoire, author of "9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage," reflects on her early years o...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Starting Overwith Shauna Shanks

Day 3 of 3: Author Shauna Shanks felt wave after wave of discouragement, but she refused to give up on her marri...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Persisting in Lovewith Shauna Shanks

Day 2 of 3: Author Shauna Shanks never imagined her husband would ask for a divorce after ten years of marriage....

FamilyLife TodaySep

For Better or Worsewith Shauna Shanks

Day 1 of 3: In 2003 Shauna Shanks' boyfriend, Micah, proposed. As the years passed, resentment and restlessness ...

FamilyLife This WeekSep

What's Your Purposewith Ann Wilson

Day 1 of 1: Do you know God's purpose for your life? Dave and Ann Wilson, talk about their pain, skills, and opp...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Changing the Way You Relatewith Laura Taggart

Day 2 of 2: Laura Taggart explains how the wounds of childhood carry over into our marriages. Taggart encourages...

FamilyLife TodaySep

The Lightening Roundwith Laura Taggart

Web-only audio: Bob and Dennis fire off a "lightening round" of questions to our guest Laura Taggart. They take on b...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Overcoming Despairwith Laura Taggart

Day 1 of 2: Laura Taggart knows what it's like to despair over your marriage. Taggart explains how the wheels fe...

FamilyLife TodaySep

The Weight of Debtwith D.A. and Elicia Horton

Day 3 of 3: At one point, D.A. and Elicia Horton had to file for bankruptcy which led them to repent of their gr...

FamilyLife TodaySep

F.E.A.R.with D.A. and Elicia Horton

Day 2 of 3: D.A. and Elicia Horton continued to battle in the early years of marriage. Becoming parents caused t...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Fighting for a Gospel-Saturate...with D.A. and Elicia Horton

Day 1 of 3: Authors D.A. and Elicia Horton have had wrestling matches occur in their relationship-first as a dat...

FamilyLife This WeekSep

How to Blend a Stepfamilywith Ron Deal

Day 1 of 1: Ron Deal explains the benefits of "cooking" your stepfamily with a crock pot and not a blender. He s...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Needs of Kids Part 2with Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Day 3 of 3: Dennis and Barbara Rainey spent 28 years parenting their six now grown children. The Raineys gladly ...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Needs of Kids Part 1with Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Day 2 of 3: Mom and Dad: Do you know what your parental assignment is? Dennis and Barbara Rainey list the top 10...

FamilyLife TodaySep

God's Got Your Backwith Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Day 1 of 3: Dennis and Barbara Rainey talk about the joys and hard work of parenting. Dennis shares a heartwarmi...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Why Are You Single?with Lisa Anderson

Day 2 of 2: Lisa Anderson talks candidly about the reasons some singles find themselves spouse-less....

FamilyLife TodaySep

Inching Toward Marriagewith Lisa Anderson

Day 1 of 2: Lisa Anderson gives singles advice on how to make their marriage dreams come true....

FamilyLife This WeekSep

What Is the Gospel?with Bob Lepine

Day 1 of 1: Bob Lepine gives a theological, bible-based description of the gospel. Tracy Lane shares how the gos...

FamilyLife TodayAug

Teen... Rebel?with Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach

Day 2 of 2: Self-admitted non-rebel Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach interviewed former teen rebels. Lindenbach tells...

FamilyLife TodayAug

What Is a Rebel?with Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach

Day 1 of 2: Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach looks back on her teen years and recalls how her parents responded to he...

FamilyLife TodayAug

Equipping People to Find a Soc...with Tim Muehlhoff

Day 2 of 2: Love God and love others, in that order. Tim Muehlhoff advocates partnering on the things you can pa...

FamilyLife TodayAug

Speaking Truth in Lovewith Tim Muehlhoff

Day 1 of 2: Tim Muehlhoff talks about the importance of balancing truth and grace in our speech. The gospel, he ...

FamilyLife TodayAug

Putting Your Spouse in the Fro...with Ron Deal

Day 1 of 1: Ron Deal talks about struggles that take place in a blended family between the biological children a...

FamilyLife This WeekAug

What Did We Do Wrong?with Bob Lepine

Day 1 of 1: If a child has strayed from the faith of his parents, it's tempting for parents to question what the...

FamilyLife TodayAug

Changing Our Thinking About Hu...

Day 2 of 2: Dr. Juli Slattery explains what it means when parents sexually disciple their children on the biblic...

FamilyLife TodayAug

What Does God Think About Sex?...

Day 1 of 2: Dr. Juli Slattery encourages parents to talk to their children about God's design for sexuality, eve...

FamilyLife TodayAug

Welcoming Your Neighborswith Rosaria Butterfield

Day 3 of 3: Rosaria Butterfield illustrates how she practices radical hospitality. By doing this, she explains, ...

FamilyLife TodayAug

Radical Ordinary Hospitalitywith Rosaria Butterfield

Day 2 of 3: Rosaria Butterfield talks about practicing hospitality. It's not always practical or sensible, and o...

FamilyLife TodayAug

Knowing and Loving Your Neighb...with Rosaria Butterfield

Day 1 of 3: Rosaria Butterfield illustrates how "radically ordinary hospitality" can be a bridge for bringing th...

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