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Issues Black Youth Face Today

April 28, 2017

FamilyLife Today

Getting Involved Through Mentoring

April 27, 2017

FamilyLife Today

Making an Impact on Young Men

April 26, 2017

FamilyLife Today

Overcoming Jealousy

April 25, 2017

FamilyLife Today

The Danger of Comparison

April 24, 2017

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I'm Happy for You Special Offer

Adopted for Life

By: Russell D. Moore

Reaching Out to the Orphan Special Offer

Hope for Orphans

Considering Adoption

Passport to Identity

By: FamilyLife

Risky Faith Special Offer

Risky Faith

By: Susan Yates

Barbara and Susan's Guide to the Empty Nest (2017)

By: Barbara Rainey, Susan Yates

Your New Money Mindset Special Offer

Your New Money Mindset

By: Brad Hewitt, James Moline

New Money Mindset Assessment™

The Case for Christ

By: Lee Strobel

Preparing Your Teen for Life

By: FamilyLife

The Controlling Husband

By: Dr. Ron Welch

The Controlling Husband Special Offer

Jesus Film

Easter Table Kit

By: Ever Thine Home

Easter Candle DIY Download

By: Ever Thine Home

Tetelestai Board

By: Ever Thine Home

The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict

By: Josh McDowell

The Case for Christ Movie

Wise Guys Special Offer

Wise Guys

By: Kent Evans

Cherish Special Offer


By: Gary Thomas

(un)Natural Mom Special Offer

(un)Natural Mom

By: Hettie Brittz

Resolving Conflict, Extending Forgiveness Special Offer

I'm Happy for You (Sort of... Not Really)

By: Kay Wills Wyma

Is Attending Church Relevant? Special Offer

Expressing Love Without Touching Special Offer

The Real Root of All Problems Special Offer

Weekend to Remember® Road Trip

Waiting for the Lamb Easter Banner

By: Ever Thine Home®

Girl Defined Special Offer

Girl Defined

By: Kristen Clark, Bethany Baird

Raising Grateful Kids

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Raising Grateful Kids Special Offer

Improving Your Parenting Study Guide

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Honoring Black Marriages and Families Special Offer

Blended: The Unspoken Truth About Stepfamilies

Singleness and Dating Special Offer

Blended and Blessed 2017

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Simply Romantic Books 4 Pack

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Keys to a Healthy Marriage - Special Offer

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FamilyLife TodayApr

Issues Black Youth Face Todaywith Harold Davis

Day 3 of 3: Dr. Harold Davis talks about some of the issues facing our youth today: sexual promiscuity, gender i...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Getting Involved Through Mento...with Harold Davis

Day 2 of 3: Dr. Harold Davis recalls his own childhood and the negative attitude he embraced toward school from...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Making an Impact on Young Menwith Harold Davis

Day 1 of 3: Dr. Harold Davis shares about the young men he mentors. Without fathers in their lives, these young ...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Overcoming Jealousywith Kay Wills Wyma

Day 2 of 2: Thou shalt not covet," right? So what is comparison? Kay Wills Wyma says with social media, we're be...

FamilyLife TodayApr

The Danger of Comparisonwith Kay Wills Wyma

Day 1 of 2: Author and mother of five Kay Wills Wyma shares what the Bible says about "obsessive comparison diso...

FamilyLife This WeekApr

Love for a Lifetimewith Laura Story

Day 1 of 1: Marriage was intended to be a lifetime covenant. Be inspired and encouraged in your marriage commitm...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Reaching Out to the Orphanwith Russell Moore

Day 1 of 1: The challenges of the orphan crisis are many and every Christian man needs to play a part in the sol...

FamilyLife TodayApr

The High Calling of Adoptionwith Paul and Robin Pennington

Day 2 of 2: Paul and Robin Pennington joined by Dr. Mary Bennett talk about the needs of orphans in Haiti, and t...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Challenges of Adoptionwith Paul and Robin Pennington

Day 1 of 2: Adoptive parents Paul and Robin Pennington talk about the hard realities of adoption. The Pennington...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Is Your Teen Walking With Chri...with Ken Hemphill

Day 2 of 2: Even parents who do everything right to bring their kids to faith have no guarantee it will "stick....

FamilyLife TodayApr

Introducing Your Kids to the B...with Sally Lloyd-Jones

Day 1 of 2: How do you teach the gospel to a 3-year-old? Bedtime is a great time for Theology 101! Hear more fr...

FamilyLife This WeekApr

Love Like Jesuswith Philip Graham Ryken

Day 1 of 1: This Easter weekend, grasp the breadth and depth of Jesus' love for us with guests Philip Ryken, Pau...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Day to Day With Godwith Susan Yates

Day 2 of 2: Susan Yates talks about making a conscious choice to trust God each moment of the day. Yates, a moth...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Trusting a Big Godwith Susan Yates

Day 1 of 2: Emotionally and physically depleted author Susan Yates whispered "Help me, Lord," and was surprised ...

FamilyLife TodayApr

A Believer's Callingwith Brad Hewitt

Day 3 of 3: Brad Hewitt asks believers to consider the benefits of generosity. Whether giving our finances, time...

FamilyLife TodayApr

You and Your Moneywith Brad Hewitt

Day 2 of 3: Brad Hewitt tells how consumerism thwarts our walk with God. Hewitt reminds us that it isn't how mu...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Who Am I Serving?with Brad Hewitt

Day 1 of 3: Brad Hewitt challenges listeners to adopt a new money mindset in which God owns it all, and we are m...

FamilyLife This WeekApr

A Prescription for Busynesswith Hannah Anderson

Day 1 of 1: Are you too busy? Answer this question as you learn more from Joanne Kraft, Kevin DeYoung, and Hanna...

FamilyLife TodayApr

The Case for Christ Moviewith Brian Bird

Day 1 of 1: Hollywood and Christianity often seem at odds-but are they really? Screenwriter and author Brian Bir...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Preparing Your Teen for the Fu...with Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Day 1 of 1: Is your teen prepared for adulthood? Dennis and Barbara Rainey identify four key areas of a child's ...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Redemption and Repentancewith Ron and Jan Welch

Day 3 of 3: Are you married to a controlling man? Are you controlling? Ron and Jan Welch talk about the challeng...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Realizing There's a Problemwith Ron and Jan Welch

Day 2 of 3: Ron Welch describes the psychological profiles of a controlling husband and his wife. Ron and his wi...

FamilyLife TodayApr

What Every Woman Needs to Know...with Ron and Jan Welch

Day 1 of 3: Ron and Jan Welch recall their first anniversary when Jan told him that his controlling behavior was...

FamilyLife This WeekApr

Sowing and Growingwith Bob Lepine

Day 1 of 1: Spring is in the air, and with it many gardening metaphors pertaining to Christian growth. Guests Bo...

FamilyLife TodayMar

Why We Celebrate Easter

Day 5 of 5: Jesus is the reason we celebrate Easter, but do our friends and neighbors know that by the way we ce...

FamilyLife TodayMar

Setting the Easter Table

Day 4 of 5: Barbara Rainey, a wife, mother, and grandmother, shares easy ways to make the holiday meal more mean...

FamilyLife TodayMar

Celebrating Easter

Day 3 of 5: Barbara Rainey encourages believers to keep Christ's death, burial and resurrection at the forefront...

FamilyLife TodayMar

Remembering the Resurrection

Day 2 of 5: Barbara Rainey reminds us of Jesus' commandment to remember His death. With that in mind, Rainey bel...

FamilyLife TodayMar

Making the Most of Easter

Day 1 of 5: When raising her family, Barbara Rainey always wanted to make Easter significant. Now an empty-neste...

FamilyLife This WeekMar

Sharing the Gospelwith Larry Osborne

Day 1 of 1: Larry Osborne, Elyse Fitpatrick, Jessica Thompson, and Randy Newman talk about sharing the gospel wi...

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