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Remembering Christ at Christmas

December 02, 2016

FamilyLife Today

His Savior Names

December 01, 2016

FamilyLife Today

Introduce Your Kids to the Savior

November 30, 2016

FamilyLife Today

Being Still

November 29, 2016

FamilyLife Today

A Call to Advent

November 28, 2016

FamilyLife This Week® Host

Host Michelle Hill

FamilyLife This Week® Host

Host Michelle Hill


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Celebrating Advent Bundle

His Advent Names Adorenaments®

By: Barbara Rainey

His Royal Names Adorenaments®

By: Barbara Rainey

His Savior Names Adorenaments®

By: Barbara Rainey

When Christmas Came

By: Barbara Rainey

What God Wants for Christmas

By: FamilyLife®

Advent Devotional

Pleasing People: How Not To Be An Approval Junkie

By: Lou Priolo

The Miracle from Possum Trot Bundle

Embassy of the King Devotional Booklet

Growing Together in Gratitude ebook

By: Barbara Rainey

Family Prayers of Thankfulness

By: FamilyLife

At Any Cost Bundle

At Any Cost

By: Mike and Hayley Jones

Small Town, Big Miracle

By: Bishop W. C. Martin

Irretrievably Broken Bundle

Irretrievably Broken

By: Tim Philpot

Affirming Your Husband's Leadership Bundle

First Year Marriage Surprises Bundle

Jesus Outside the Lines Bundle

Jesus Outside the Lines

By: Scott Sauls

Ever Thine Home® Fall Collection

Gather Together Placemats

By: Ever Thine Home®

We Give Thanks Banner

By: Ever Thine Home®

The One Bundle

The One

By: Ryan and Amanda Leak

He Is Enough Bundle

Worship and Believe Audio CD

By: Steven Curtis Chapman

Choosing to See

By: Mary Beth Chapman, Ellen Vaughn

25 Questions You're Afraid to Ask Bundle

25 Questions You're Afraid to Ask About Love, Sex, and Intimacy

By: Dr. Juli Slattery

Moms Ask Barbara Bundle

The Art of Being a Wife Bundle

Unshaken Devotional

By: FamilyLife

None Like Him Bundle

None Like Him

By: Jen Wilkin

Fear and Faith Bundle

Fear and Faith

By: Trillia Newbill

Isaiah 33:6 Stability Sign

By: Ever Thine Home®

Ever Faithful Father

By: Ever Thine Home®

20 Things We'd Tell Our 20-Something Selves Bundle

20 Things We'd Tell Our 20-Something Selves

By: Peter and Kelli Worrall

The Dating Manifesto Bundle

The Dating Manifesto

By: Lisa Anderson

Being There Bundle

Being There

By: Dave Furman

Messy Grace Bundle

Messy Grace

By: Caleb Kaltenbach

God's Design for Grandparents Bundle

Biblical Grand Parenting

By: Josh Mulvihill

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Navigating Difficult Relations...with Lou Priolo

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The Miracle from Possum Trotwith Bishop W.C. Martin

Day 1 of 1: Bishop W. C. Martin and his wife adopted a young girl and her brother from the foster care system. ...

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Joyful, Prayerful, and Thankfu...with Bob Lepine

Day 1 of 1: As believers, we should be joyful, prayerful, and thankful. Bob Lepine expounds on some biblical dir...

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New Names for a New Countrywith Mike and Hayley Jones

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A Call to Adoptionwith Mike and Hayley Jones

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Love Comes Full Circlewith Mike and Hayley Jones

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We Gather Togetherwith Rosaria Butterfield

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Here Comes the Judgewith Tim Philpot

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Honoring Beulahwith Tim Philpot

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A Look Inside Family Courtwith Tim Philpot

Day 1 of 3: Tim Philpot, a circuit judge in family court in Lexington, KY, reveals what it's like to be a judge,...

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Encouraging Your Husband to Le...

Day 2 of 2: Barbara Rainey invites young women to encourage their husbands to lead, and follow when they do....

FamilyLife TodayNov

Following Your Husband's Leade...

Day 1 of 2: Barbara Rainey helps wives understand that a husband is designed to be the leader of the home, and a...

FamilyLife This WeekNov

Helping the Helplesswith Michele Bachmann

Day 1 of 1: From foster care advocates to a former foster kid, we'll hear about God's heart for the orphan, and...

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Living the Reality of God's Wo...with Robert Wolgemuth

Day 2 of 2: Each marriage holds special memories. Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth (formerly Nancy Leigh DeMoss) share...

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The Importance of Communicatio...with Robert Wolgemuth

Day 1 of 2: Join us as we celebrate the first anniversary of Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth. The Wolgemuths take a r...

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Listening to Understandwith Scott Sauls

Day 2 of 2: Pastor Scott Sauls calls people to behave as followers of Christ, especially when we differ....

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When Viewpoints Differwith Scott Sauls

Day 1 of 2: Scott Sauls reminds Christians to be in relationship with others even though they hold different pol...

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Marking Memorable Moments: Wri...

Day 1 of 1: Barbara Rainey talks about her book consisting of four true stories designed to teach children of al...

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Facing Fear Biblicallywith Trillia Newbell

Day 1 of 1: How does fear affect our walk with God? It depends on how we handle it. Trillia Newbell, Donovan Cam...

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Called to Be Thankful

Day 2 of 2: Barbara Rainey and her daughter Laura talk about their favorite Thanksgiving memories, including fiv...

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As We Gather

Day 1 of 2: Barbara Rainey shares fresh ideas to help families focus on being fully present with one another as ...

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Married at Lastwith Ryan and Amanda Leak

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Working Out the Detailswith Ryan and Amanda Leak

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From Idea to Actionwith Ryan and Amanda Leak

Day 1 of 3: Ryan Leak tells how he planned a surprise wedding for Amanda with the help of her friends and family...

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Hope for the Weary Momwith Gloria Furman

Day 1 of 1: Gloria Furman and Rachel Jankovic share their hope and encouragement during the sweet and chaotic se...

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