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A Father's Influence

May 19, 2018

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Stepfamily Kids

May 18, 2018

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My Sweetheart and Lover

May 17, 2018

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My Spouse, My Partner

May 16, 2018

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Being Best Friends

May 15, 2018

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FamilyLife This WeekMay

A Father's Influencewith William Bennett

Day 1 of 1: As a dad, what can you do to make the most of the limited time your kids are at home? Jeff Kemp shar...

FamilyLife TodayMay

Stepfamily Kidswith Shannon Simmons

Day 1 of 1: How does it feel when one of your divorced parents remarries? Shannon Simmons and Lauren Reitsema sh...

FamilyLife TodayMay

My Sweetheart and Loverwith Kevin Thompson

Day 3 of 3: Kevin Thompson encourages husbands and wives to give the intimate part of their relationship the att...

FamilyLife TodayMay

My Spouse, My Partnerwith Kevin Thompson

Day 2 of 3: Do you think of your spouse as a business partner? Kevin Thompson believes husbands and wives are mo...

FamilyLife TodayMay

Being Best Friendswith Kevin Thompson

Day 1 of 3: Kevin Thompson challenges couples to think of their relationship in three categories: friends, partn...

FamilyLife TodayMay

Ten Years of the Bible Beewith Emeal Zwayne

Day 1 of 1: Emeal Zwayne joins Hannah Leary, winner of the inaugural National Bible Bee Game Show, to talk about...

FamilyLife This WeekMay

Moms in the Middlewith Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Day 1 of 1: Whether a mom works outside the home by choice, necessity, or a combination of both, it is difficult...

FamilyLife TodayMay

Love Lays Down Its Rightswith Bryan Loritts

Day 2 of 2: Hosea could have left his adulterous wife, Gomer, but chose instead to illustrate the extravagant lo...

FamilyLife TodayMay

Love Looks Strangewith Bryan Loritts

Day 1 of 2: God called the prophet Hosea to marry the prostitute Gomer. Pastor Bryan Loritts walks us through th...

FamilyLife TodayMay

The Path Back From an Affairwith Nancy Houston

Day 3 of 3: Nancy Houston encourages those involved in marital infidelity due to porn or a sexual affair, that h...

FamilyLife TodayMay

Out of the Darkwith Nancy Houston

Day 2 of 3: Nancy Houston talks about the dangerous addiction of pornography. "Porn is often used to medicate pa...

FamilyLife TodayMay

Shame and Abusewith Nancy Houston

Day 1 of 3: Nancy Houston recalls her childhood and the difficulty growing up in a non-Christian home with a vio...

FamilyLife This WeekMay

Parenting Influencewith Dru Joyce II

Day 1 of 1: As parents, our job is to make sure our children grow into responsible adults. Dru Joyce II and Ron ...

FamilyLife TodayMay

A Taste of Art of Parentingwith Various Guests

Day 1 of 1: Hear excerpts of various guests, including Phil Vischer, Bryan and Korie Loritts, Ron Deal, and Susa...

FamilyLife TodayMay

A Call to Praywith Ronnie Floyd

Day 1 of 1: Dr. Ronnie Floyd reminds listeners that a movement of God is always preceded by prayer. Floyd believ...

FamilyLife TodayMay

The Reviews Are Inwith Various Guests

Day 1 of 1: Hear some reviews of FamilyLife's first full-length feature film, "Like Arrows," from noted film and...

FamilyLife TodayMay

Kendrick Brothers' Input Into ...

Day 1 of 1: Parenting is a messy, complex arena. Filmmakers Alex and Stephen Kendrick share their experience abo...

FamilyLife TodayApr

The Making of Like Arrowswith Dennis Rainey

Day 1 of 1: Dennis Rainey interviews Bob Lepine about the making of FamilyLife's feature film, "Like Arrows." Bo...

FamilyLife This WeekApr

Make a Joyful Noisewith Ginny Owens

Day 1 of 1: Throughout the Bible, we are strongly encouraged to sing a song to the Lord. Don Whitney, Jason Hous...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Christians in Hollywoodwith Ted Baehr

Day 2 of 2: Ted Baehr talks about the role Christians have in making movies. Baehr addresses parents who are rai...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Choosing the Right Movie for Y...with Ted Baehr

Day 1 of 2: Ted Baehr coaches parents on how to use discernment when choosing a movie for their families. Baehr ...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Dispelling the Myths of Teen D...with Daniel Anderson

Day 3 of 3: High school teachers Daniel Anderson and his daughter, Jacquelyn, dispel some myths teens have about...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Protecting Your Teenwith Daniel Anderson

Day 2 of 3: Daniel Anderson and his daughter, Jacquelyn, both high school teachers, get a first hand look at the...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Truths Your Daughter Needs to ...with Daniel Anderson

Day 1 of 3: Veteran high school teacher Daniel Anderson and his daughter, Jacquelyn, reminisce about Jacquelyn's...

FamilyLife This WeekApr

Parent to Parentwith Bob Lepine

Day 1 of 1: Bruce Goff, a relatively new dad with a toddler, gets pick the brain of an older, wiser, more experi...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Possessions, Entertainment and...with Jen Wilkin

Day 3 of 3: Jen Wilkin explains how our children's possessions, entertainment, friends-entire lifestyle-should d...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Activities and Speechwith Jen Wilkin

Day 2 of 3: Jen Wilkin explains how children raised to be followers of Christ should do and say things different...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Five Ways to Be Differentwith Jen Wilkin

Day 1 of 3: As followers of Christ, we are aliens-this world is not our home. Jen Wilkin introduces five areas i...

FamilyLife TodayApr

What Fathers Need to Dowith Meg Meeker

Day 2 of 2: How will my son learn to be a man? Dr. Meg Meeker, tells parents why it's important to teach their s...

FamilyLife TodayApr

Appreciating the Essence of Yo...with Meg Meeker

Day 1 of 2: Dr. Meg Meeker tells how boys are being reprimanded for acting like boys. Hear Dr. Meeker share her ...

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