This media release agreement (“Agreement”) is between FLTI, dba FamilyLife® (“FamilyLife”) and you and your spouse (individually or together, “Contributor”). With regard to FamilyLife’s “Proud Sponsors of Anniversaries” program, Contributor agrees and consents to the following: We have provided FLTI, dba FamilyLife® with permission to recognize our wedding anniversary on-air and to use our personal information, including but not limited to our names, anniversary date, years married, and relationship to FamilyLife or participation in FamilyLife events (collectively, “Our Data”) for various uses related to FamilyLife’s 40th Anniversary (“FamilyLife Project”). I/we grant to FamilyLife and/or its representative vendor the right to use our names, voices, likenesses, and other identifying characteristics that are depicted in or related to Our Data and to FamilyLife recordings and creations containing all or parts of Our Data. For the valuable consideration of participation in FamilyLife ministry, Contributor consents to and grants to FamilyLife a non-exclusive, limited license to any rights Contributor may hold in Our Data for FamilyLife’s use of all or portions of Our Data in producing the FamilyLife Project named above and in any other FamilyLife audio and/or visual resources (“Resources”) and for FamilyLife purposes (“Purposes”) described herein. Contributor understands and agrees that FamilyLife will own all rights, including copyright and other intellectual property rights in and to the Resources and all uses for any and all Purposes. Such Purposes will be determined at FamilyLife’s sole discretion and may include, but are not limited to any one or more of the following: (i) use of Our Data in broadcasts and unlimited repeat broadcasts and transcripts for any FamilyLife-produced radio programs now existing or hereafter developed; (ii) use and posting of Our Data on any FamilyLife website and/or on any FamilyLife-related pages of various social networking sites, services, and blogs (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.); and (ii) reproduction, incorporation, or quotation in any FamilyLife products and promotional pieces, whether for sale or not. For all of these Purposes, Contributor agrees that FamilyLife may use and/or modify Our Data in order to present it in any formats of FamilyLife’s choosing now known or later developed, including but not limited to creating compact discs, digital video discs, transcripts, digital audio files, streaming and online downloads, products, and publications. Contributor further grants to FamilyLife all subsidiary rights to the Resources, including but not limited to the worldwide right to translate, use, and distribute and/or license others to translate, use, and distribute the Resources in any language throughout the world. Contributor understands and agrees that all rights listed in this Agreement are granted to FamilyLife on a perpetual, worldwide, and royalty-free basis. Contributor represents and warrants that Contributor is eighteen (18) years of age or older and has full and complete authority to grant this release. By granting such permission to FamilyLife, Contributor warrants and represents that Contributor is not infringing any intellectual property, privacy, publicity, or other proprietary rights of any third party. To the extent allowable by law, Contributor agrees to hold harmless, release, and indemnify FamilyLife, its directors, officers, employees, or agents for any and all claims (including claims arising from or relating to infringement of moral rights; rights of publicity and privacy; copyright, and other intellectual property rights; defamation; negligence; or willful acts), damages, costs (including attorneys’ fees) and losses that may arise or that Contributor might experience resulting from Contributor’s performance, acts, or omissions under this Agreement. The parties agree that any controversy or claim arising out of this Agreement shall be settled by submitting to mediation before any other legal or equitable remedies. This Agreement will be considered entered into in the state of Arkansas, and will be controlled by and construed under the laws of that state and of the United States of America. Both parties agree to be subject to the jurisdiction of all courts, federal and state, sitting in the city of Little Rock, Arkansas and/or county of Pulaski. The parties agree to bear their own costs for attorneys’ fees and other expenses related to the dispute resolution process. This Agreement expresses the complete understanding of all parties, and may not be assigned or modified except in writing and signed by all parties.


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