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Our weekend program, FamilyLife This Week, is hosted by Michelle Hill and features marriage and family experts like Dennis and Barbara Rainey, Bob Lepine, Ron Deal and others. We all face various pressures in our marriages, families, and other valuable relationships...that's why FamilyLife This Week offers a fresh, engaging dose of practical encouragement and "help for today, hopefor tomorrow" to live out your faith in an ever-changing world.

FamilyLife This WeekDec

Christmas Gifting and Givingwith Randy Alcorn

Day 1 of 1: The holidays are upon us. To help you get ready for gift giving-and charitable giving-this Christmas...

FamilyLife This WeekNov

Navigating Difficult Relations...with Lou Priolo

Day 1 of 1: Sometimes families are filled with more dysfunction than fun. Bryan Loritts and Lou Priolo help us t...

FamilyLife This WeekNov

We Gather Togetherwith Rosaria Butterfield

Day 1 of 1: Whether it's family you know and love, or strangers that need to feel welcome, Barbara Rainey and Ro...

FamilyLife This WeekNov

Helping the Helplesswith Michele Bachmann

Day 1 of 1: From foster care advocates to a former foster kid, we'll hear about God's heart for the orphan, and...

FamilyLife This WeekNov

Facing Fear Biblicallywith Trillia Newbell

Day 1 of 1: How does fear affect our walk with God? It depends on how we handle it. Trillia Newbell, Donovan Cam...

FamilyLife This WeekOct

Hope for the Weary Momwith Gloria Furman

Day 1 of 1: Gloria Furman and Rachel Jankovic share their hope and encouragement during the sweet and chaotic se...

FamilyLife This WeekOct

Using Time Wiselywith Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Day 1 of 1: Would you like to make the most of your time? Find out how by listening to family experts Dennis and...

FamilyLife This WeekOct

Faith Journeyswith Andrew Palau

Day 1 of 1: Just like snowflakes, everyone's faith journey is unique. Hear the stories of faith from our guests,...

FamilyLife This WeekOct

Honoring Your Pastor as a Fami...with Crawford Loritts

Day 1 of 1: What can you do to honor your pastor? Hear practical tips from noted pastor H.B. London, author Craw...

FamilyLife This WeekOct

Romantic Momentswith Dennis Rainey

Day 1 of 1: Dennis Rainey and various guests talk about some of the most romantic moments of their lives....

FamilyLife This WeekSep

Marriage Beyond the Mundanewith Dave Wilson

Day 1 of 1: Take your marriage beyond the mediocre by following the advice of authors Dr. Joe Stowell, Dave Wils...

FamilyLife This WeekSep

God's Wisdom for Your Familywith Jason Houser

Day 1 of 1: This weekend on the broadcast, get valuable advice for your family from pastor Lance Quinn and Chris...

FamilyLife This WeekSep

Media: Consume Carefullywith Bob DeMoss

Day 1 of 1: President of Walk Thru the Bible, Chip Ingram; author Bob DeMoss; and renowned pastor and author Joh...

FamilyLife This WeekSep

Work, Work, Workwith Doug Sherman

Day 1 of 1: Doug Sherman, founder of Career Impact Ministries; author Patti Sprinkle;and Ray Miller, a business ...

FamilyLife This WeekAug

The Choice to Home Schoolwith Michael Farris

Day 1 of 1: Michael Farris, founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association, along with experienced home sc...

FamilyLife This WeekAug

Heading Back to Public Schoolwith Cheri Fuller

Day 1 of 1: Author Cheri Fuller, Forrest Turpen, executive director of the Christian Educators Association, and ...

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