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Overworked and Overwhelmedwith Crystal Paine

Day 1 of 2: Ever feel like quitting your life? Crystal Paine, founder of the personal finance blog MoneySaving Mom, talks about the day she realized that she didn’t have to do it all. Crystal tells how one little word-NO-revolutionized her life and gave her more time for the things that really mattered. ...


Shepherding Her Heartwith Robert Wolgemuth

Day 1 of 3: Authors Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth fondly remember the days of their courtship when they discussed becoming a blended family. Nancy recalls how her heart skipped a beat and began to soften as Robert told her how he loved being married and shepherding a wife. Robert gives his best advice for husbands...


Come, Take, and Learnwith Hannah Anderson

Day 1 of 3: Author Hannah Anderson, who lives with her family in rural Virginia, tells of a season when the stress and anxiety of daily living kept her up at night. After considering Jesus’ words about coming to Him and finding rest, Anderson realized that leaning into Christ and learning humility was the...


Leading So She'll Followwith Robert Wolgemuth

Day 2 of 3: Within the heart of a woman is a desire to be protected. Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth, along with Ron Deal, talk about the challenges of shepherding a wife in a blended family. Robert explains what he does in his relationship with Nancy to make following him easier. ...


Secrets of the Mediterraneanwith Steve and Misty Arterburn

Day 1 of 2: Want your marriage to be more passionate? Best-selling authors Steve and Misty Arterburn share some secrets for better “amore” that folks in the Mediterranean have known for centuries. Backed by research, the Arterburns tell of practical ways to connect with your spouse, including listen...


Passing on the Truth of Godwith Don Whitney

Day 1 of 1: Author Don Whitney, a professor of biblical spirituality at Southern Seminary, coaches moms and dads on the lost art of family worship. Whitney reminds parents that they don’t have to prepare a devotional in order to worship. Reading a bit of Scripture, saying a simple prayer, and singing a hy...

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