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American Heritage Girlswith Patti Garibay

Day 1 of 1: Are you ready to see your daughter’s dreams take flight? Patti Garibay, national executive director of the faith-based organization, American Heritage Girls, talks about how the organization began and how today it is helping girls experience new challenges, serve others, make new friends, and ...


I Need You to Lead Mewith Matt Hammitt

Day 1 of 1: Matt Hammitt’s career was taking off as lead singer for the band Sanctus Real. Life was exciting, until his wife Sarah left the road life to be a stay-at-home mom. But even after multiple awards and accolades, he had to make a decision. Do I lead a band? Or do I lead my family?  Recorded live...


Becoming Transparentwith Jennifer Smith

Day 3 of 3: She was embarrassed, frustrated, and more than anything, angry. Jennifer Smith, author of “The Unveiled Wife,” talks about her first four years of married life and the difficulty she and her husband, Aaron, had consummating the marriage. Smith tells how their relationship began to change...


Titus Two Trianglewith Voddie Baucham, Jr.

Day 1 of 2: For a man to lead his family spiritually, he needs to continue to point them to the gospel. Pastor Voddie Baucham says that we first need to understand that the gospel is important because of sin; because without the proclamation of sinful man, there is no proclamation of a gracious God. ...


Trail Life USAwith Mark Hancock

Day 1 of 1: Is your son ready for adventure? Then look no further. Mark Hancock, chief executive officer of Trail Life USA, a Christian outdoor adventure program for boys, tells how he helped launch Trail Life USA, which is now 700 troops strong in 49 states. ...


Honoring the Husband God Gave ...with Lysa TerKeurst

Day 2 of 2: If you are having buyer’s remorse about the man you married, Lysa TerKeurst has some simple yet profound advice. Stop focusing on your own dissatisfaction and start building him up. There is power in humble encouragement. Recorded on FamilyLife’s 2016 Love Like You Mean It® marriage cru...

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