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Terrorism of the Soul, Part 2with Dennis Rainey

Day 3 of 5: Most of us view terrorism as an evil blight on society… but what about terrorism of our souls? When pornography invades a culture, the explosions rip apart marriages and families, but it is the children who pay the greatest price for this attack on their parents’ marriage. ...


Terrorism of the Soul, Part 1with Dennis Rainey

Day 2 of 5: Dennis Rainey alerts us to the dangers of what he calls “terrorism of the soul” as he explores the toxic effects of pornography on our marriages, our families, and our very souls in part one of this profound and timely message. ...


Love for a Lifetimewith Laura Story

Day 1 of 1: Marriage was intended to be a lifetime covenant. Be inspired and encouraged in your marriage commitment from guests Gary Thomas, Laura Story, and Voddie Baucham. ...


Leading Your Wife Spirituallywith James MacDonald

Day 2 of 2: A husband’s call is to cherish his wife. How does a husband do this? Bob Lepine, James MacDonald, Sam Ingrassia, and Justin Buzzard expound on a husband’s responsibility to nourish and cherish his wife. ...


How a Man Loves His Wifewith Jess MacCallum

Day 1 of 2: What does it mean to love your wife as Christ loved the church? It’s to love her in the way she needs love. James Ford, Robert Lewis, Stu Weber, Jess MacCallum, and Tom and Jeannie Elliff give examples on ways to do that. ...


Hooked on Christwith Hank Parker

Day 1 of 3: Professional bass fisherman Hank Parker looks back on his life and the difficulties that could have derailed him for good. Raised by an alcoholic father after his mother abandoned the family when he was in grade school, Parker tells how he was often left on his own, which gave him plenty of time for...

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