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Caring for Aging Parents


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Equipping Grandparents

Pastor Josh Mulvihill talks about the grand purpose of grandparents, which is passing on their faith to the next generation. Ways to do that include sharing how God has moved in their life and teaching the Scriptures by reading favorite Bible stories....

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How Empty is Your Nest?

Am I the only one who feels this way? Barbara Rainey and Susan Yates recall how they felt when they first entered this confusing, liberating, and emotion-packed stage of life called the empty nest....

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Guide to the Empty Nest 2

The kids are gone. The house is empty. What will you do now? Dennis Rainey welcomes his wife, Barbara, and family friend Susan Yates, to talk about the second half of life called the empty nest....

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Halftime: Changing Your Game Plan From Success to Significance

Bob Buford encourages those nearing retirement to refocus and use their time to advance God’s kingdom....

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Granny Camp

Hear how grandmother Anne Dierks invented Granny Camp to help build memories with her grandkids ...

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The Second-Half Adventure

God can use you, no matter what your age. Kay Strom talks about using your life skills and resources to further God's kingdom well after retirement. ...

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Barbara and Susan's Guide to the Empty Nest

Authors Barbara Rainey and Susan Yates share their personal experiences about entering the empty nest. ...

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Finding Meaning in the Empty Nest

After 18 years or more of raising a family, it can be difficult to refocus all your attention on your mate. David and Claudia Arp, empty nesters and founders of Marriage Alive International, talk about making the later years of your marriage better than the early years. ...

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Finishing Well

What is retirement supposed to be for the Christian? Find out by listening to author Dr. Howard Hendricks, a 70+ professor at Dallas Theological Seminary....

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Getting Ready for Prime Time

Dennis and Barbara Rainey, parents of six adult children, talk about their transition from bustling household full of teenagers to empty nest made for two. Hear about the challenges they've faced during this time....

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Grandparenthood: More Than Rocking Chairs

Dr. Tim Kimmel and his wife, Darcy, creators of Grandparenthood: More than Rocking Chairs, talk about the many practical ways men and women can bless their grandchildren....

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Unlimited Partnerships

What is your purpose in life? In this series, Bill Wellons, a pastor and Director of Church Planting and Consulting for Fellowship Associates, joins real estate developer Lloyd Reeb and Dennis Rainey to talk about using your time and talents to reach a lost and questioning world....

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If Something Happens to Me

Financial planner Joe Hearn and attorney Niel Nielsen explain the ins and outs of organizing important life documents such as wills, trusts, living wills, and durable power of attorney....

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