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October Baby

Jon and Andy Erwin, along with actress Rachel Hendrix, join Dennis Rainey to talk about their new release "October Baby," a movie about a teen who learns that not only was she adopted but is a survivor of a failed abortion. The movie celebrates the journey of forgiveness and restoration....

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A Guide to Biblical Manhood

Randy Stinson lists some of the valuable things a father should teach his son before he leaves home. Randy talks about the importance of a father casting a vision for his family, and then leading them in practical ways to get them to their goals....

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Sexual Sanity for Women

Sexual sin isn’t just a vice for men. Women struggle just as much, but in different ways. Christian counselor Ellen Dykas explains that women are often taken with romance books and erotic literature that reel them in emotionally, although more women are discovering pornography in this age of techn...

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Get Lost

Feeling empty? Sometimes the only way to fill an empty spot left by an old affection is to replace it with a greater affection. Author Dannah Gresh talks about our natural tendency to look for things other than God to fill us, and reminds us that those things, including relationships, can easily bec...

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Celebrating Recovery

Dennis Rainey talks with Bob and Karrie Wood, leaders of the Celebrate Recovery Ministry at Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. Bob and Karrie tell their separate stories, and also how they put their faith in Christ. With God's power and love, their addictions to drugs, alcohol, pornog...

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