The World’s Largest Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Sharing the gospel message doesn’t haven’t to be hard.

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Making Much of Easter

Barbara Rainey believes that Easter can be a perfect time to teach your children about Jesus. She shares ideas of how to make Holy Week special. Rainey tells how she and her husband, Dennis, gathered their family together to have an Easter celebration they'll remember for years to come....

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Easter Advent

It's almost Easter! Will you be ready spiritually? Barbara Rainey teams up with Tracy Lane to coach moms on how to make the most of Easter. After all, it is the day when we remember Christ's death and burial and celebrate His resurrection. But, unlike Christmas, with all its hoopla and pizzazz, East...

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Ideas for Celebrating Easter

Barbara Rainey reminds us of Jesus' commandment to remember His death, not just His birth. With that in mind, Rainey believes Christians should make a big deal out of Easter. She gives some easy, fun ideas to keep Christ's death, burial and resurrection at the forefront of their Easter celebrations....

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Unraveling the Messiah Mystery

Lent was originally intended as a kind of Advent for Easter. Barbara Rainey wants families to experience the awe and mystery surrounding Easter. She describes a resource to be used during Lent, that highlights "clues" from the Old Testament that identify the Messiah....

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Reclaiming Easter

Our Easter celebrations should be as special as the miracle we commemorate. Barbara Rainey, raises our awareness on the importance of Easter. Barbara encourages listeners to prepare our hearts for Easter Sunday by implementing some simple and practical resources designed to remind us of the glory of...

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Exalting Easter

Barbara Rainey is passionate about Easter – and when she says “Easter” she doesn’t mean chocolate bunnies and nice dresses for the kids. Join us as Barbara helps us understand and explore Easter, the pinnacle of the Christian holiday season. ...

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The World's Largest Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Sharing the gospel message doesn't haven't to be hard. In fact, some would say it's lots of fun! Hear how listeners share the gospel with their neighbors by hosting a neighborhood Easter egg hunt using FamilyLife's Resurrection Eggs....

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Behold the Lamb

Is the gospel the focus of your Easter celebration? Barbara Rainey reminds us that Easter is a perfect time to proclaim your faith to believers as well as nonbelievers as they visit your home during the Lenten season. A great way to do that is through “Behold the Lamb,” an interactive devotional...

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An Eggstra-Special Easter

Easter is just around the corner! Find out how you can make a BIG difference in your neighborhood by participating in the World's Largest Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. ...

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The Case for Christ

Is there credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God? Lee Strobel, former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune, and Saddleback's newest teaching pastor, makes a case for Christ....

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The Great Resurrection: Hoax or History?

Jesus placed a lot of emphasis on the resurrection. On today's broadcast, Josh McDowell, author of Evidence That Demands a Verdict, tells the story of three persons who tried to refute the resurrection based on historical fact and became believers instead....

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