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The First Thanksgiving

Pilgrims. Who were they, really? Tracy McKenzie, professor of history at Wheaton College, and Barbara Rainey take us back to the 1600s to the village of Scrooby, the birthplace of a sect of the Puritans called the Pilgrims. It was here, they tell us, that the Pilgrims first planned their exodus from...

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The Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is about gathering together to remember God's many blessings. Barbara Rainey and Tracy Lane talk about what they do on a typical Thanksgiving holiday. Rainey and Lane also remind listeners that it's not about favorite recipes but rather about getting people together to enjoy and remembe...

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Gathering Together

Thanksgiving is the day we officially set aside to gather with family and friends to praise God for His blessings. Barbara Rainey shares fresh ideas to help families focus on being fully present with one another as they gather at the Thanksgiving table....

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The Season of Gratitude

November is the month for thankfulness. But it shouldn't stop there. Barbara Rainey encourages listeners to practice thankfulness all year long. Barbara recalls how she and Dennis prompted their own children to be thankful by initiating mealtime prayers, learning Scripture songs, and writing thank y...

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Being Thankful

Hard to believe it's that time again! Time for Barbara Rainey's official and most favorite holiday, Thanksgiving! Join us for a special look back at Thanksgivings past and present at the Rainey house. ...

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Marking Memorable Moments

Barbara Rainey recalls the moment in her mothering when she realized that her children must be her priority and her art, specifically her water coloring, must be set aside for a season. But as her children grew and left the nest, Barbara tells how she once again picked up her brush and starting hon...

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Barbara Rainey on Gratitude

Barbara explains what you can do to cultivate a heart of gratefulness....

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Growing Together in Gratitude

Barbara Rainey talks to parents about training children in gratefulness not only by their example, but through storytelling. ...

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Choosing Gratitude

Nancy DeMoss and Barbara Rainey talk about why our gratefulness reflects our faith in God and His goodness....

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Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember

The first Thanksgiving wasn’t all about football, feasting, family, and fun like it is today! To the exhausted Pilgrims, it was a time to stop and thank God for His benefits—shelter, provision, and the kindness of a native American who saved them from starvation....

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Thanksgiving: The Forgotten Story

How do you prepare and pack for a trip when you don't know exactly where you're going or what you're going to do once you're there? Case in point--the pilgrims. On today's broadcast, you'll hear a dramatic reading and learn more about the pilgrims as they prepared to sail to the New World. ...

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Pilgrim Families

Award-winning author Jack Cavanaugh and Ruth Tucker, author of the book The Family Album: Portraits of Family Life Through the Centuries, shed some light on what life was really like at Plymouth Bay in the early 1600's....

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