Aaron’s Way

Author Kendra Smiley give parents insight into the thinking and behavior of a strong-willed child.

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Raising Grateful Kids

Kristen Welch tells how she and her husband nipped their child's entitlement mentality in the bud. Kristen gives seven reasons parents overindulge their children, which results in kids who feel entitled....

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Relentless Parenting

Pastor Brian Haynes and his wife, Angela, explain what it means to relentlessly pursue your teen's heart. Brian and Angela remind parents that their teens are not adults. This means your teens are not in charge at home, and they still need you to set up some guidelines and non-negotiables, like goin...

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Reaching Your Prodigal

Pastor Phil Waldrep coaches parents of prodigals with practical steps they can take to minimize the risk of their child becoming a prodigal. He also encourages parents that ultimately they are not responsible for the bad decisions of their children....

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With All Due Respect

You want your teens to respect you. But do you respect them? Nina Roesner and Debbie Hitchcock, both mothers who work for Greater Impact Ministries, talk about the importance of appropriately communicating with your teen....

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Do you have a child that's out of control? We want you to know there's hope. Jim Subers, President of Shelterwood, a residential facility for teens ages 13-18, explains why it's getting more and more difficult to raise children today. Jim tells parents how they can know when their child needs profes...

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The Deadly Traps of Adolescence

Traps are devices designed to catch something unaware. Satan also has his traps, and these sometimes go unnoticed by the teens they are disguised to harm. Dennis and Barbara Rainey talk about the deadly traps that can harm our teens and leave them wounded the rest of their lives. ...

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Parenting Heart to Heart

Dennis Rainey talks with Family Ministries director Reb Bradley about building better relationships with your kids....

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Aaron's Way

Author Kendra Smiley, joined by her strong-willed son, Aaron, give parents insight into the thinking and behavior of a strong-willed child....

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Don't Make Me Count to Three

Ginger Plowman, homeschooling mother of two and author of the book Don't Make Me Count to Three, talks to Dennis Rainey about a parent's biggest challenges raising children--whining, sibling rivalry, and tattling....

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