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Loving Singles and Blended Families in Your Church

From the 2016 Summit for Stepfamily Ministry, Lisa Anderson offers five things the church must do when it comes to singles. Lamar and Ronnie Tyler tell why they started their website, which promotes positive images of marriage and family in the black community....

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Stepfamily: Blender or Crockpot

When it comes to the issues of marriage, according to blended family expert Ron Deal, remarried couples sail in a completely different ocean. And navigating the riptides and crosscurrents of that ocean requires purposeful attentiveness to the unique issues of remarriage....

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The Complex World of a Blended Family

Jerry and Kate Angelo reflect on the issues that destroyed their first marriages, and the circumstances that brought them to God and to each other to form a blended family of six. Also joining them is FamilyLife's Blended Family Ministry Director, Ron Deal....

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Sticky Faith for Stepfamilies

About half of young people drift from God and church after they graduate. Is there anything parents can do to prevent this spiritual slide? From the 2015 Blended and Blessed Summit, Youth expert Kara Powell talks about three phrases parents can implement that are especially helpful in building "stic...

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Stepfamilies and Holidays

It's challenging enough trying to blend two families in a remarriage, but blending family traditions surrounding Christmas takes the "blender" to a higher speed. Bob and Vicki Maday and their respective daughters, Katie and Jonell, talk frankly about the uncomfortable and inevitable tension that exi...

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Tips for Smart Stepmoms

Seeking advice for your blended family? Then you've come to the right place! Stepmothers Laura Petherbridge, Heather Hetchler and Gayla Grace talk about the challenges they've faced blending a family and becoming effective stepmothers. They offer their very best advice for becoming the best stepmom ...

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The Realities of Remarriage

Bill Thompson loved his life. Married to his college sweetheart, Margie, since 1977, they had two children and a healthy, happy marriage. In June of 2007, however, Margie died after a 13 year battle with breast cancer. Evelyn Husband, on the other hand, lost her husband, Rick, the commander of the s...

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Tying the Family Knot

Terri Clark and her husband, Harvey, successfully blended and reared a family of six children. Terri looks back and recalls the special challenges of blending two households....

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Your Stepfamily: Standing Strong

Blending two families in remarriage can be a daunting task. Family therapist Ron Deal talks honestly about the challenges stepfamilies face and gives advice on overcoming some of the most common hurdles of stepfamily life....

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