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Speaking Your Spouse’s Love Language

Pastor and well-known author Gary Chapman provides practical instruction on resolving conflict in marriage.

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The Kindness Challenge

Shaunti Feldhahn dares anyone having trouble with a relationship to be kind to that person for thirty days. She reminds us that expressing kindness goes a long way, especially in marriage. Ron Deal teams up with Feldhahn to talk about kindness and the stepfamily, helping us pinpoint our patterns of ...

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25 Years of Radio: Conflict and Forgiveness in Marriage

A healthy relationship without conflict is a myth. Failing to resolve conflict in marriage leads to stagnation, providing the perfect conditions for bitterness and resentment to take root, making it hard to extend and receive forgiveness. From the FamilyLife Today vault, hear classic conversations ...

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The Controlling Husband

Sometimes life gives you a wake up call. Ron and Jan Welch recall their first anniversary when Jan told him that his controlling behavior was making her feel like a bird in a cage. Find out how God finally got Ron's attention through the behavior of his sons. ...

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Men Who Love Fierce Women

LeRoy and Kimberly Wagner take us back to their honeymoon, where poor communication skills, combined with hurt feelings, set a pattern that would lead them to bitterness and isolation. With their marriage problems seemingly irreparable, LeRoy decided to step down from his pastorate, causing Kimberly...

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Grace Filled Marriage

Do you show your spouse grace? Grace, according to authors Tim and Darcy Kimmel, is giving someone what they desperately need, but don't especially deserve. FamilyLife speakers Tim and Darcy know what it means to give and receive grace, and share some grace moments from their own marriage. Tim and D...

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Successfully Managing Conflict in Marriage

Conflict in marriage is neither good nor bad. It's how you resolve the conflict that affects the relationship. Dave and Ann Wilson say conflict can even improve your relationship, when it is resolved constructively. Jim and Carol Shores join the Wilsons to illustrate the complexity of conflict....

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Weekend to Remember® Getaway Sampler

Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine share highlights from the Weekend to Remember® marriage conference....

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Speaking Your Spouse's Love Language

Pastor and well-known author Gary Chapman provides practical instruction on resolving conflict in marriage....

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When Sorry Isn't Enough

"I'm sorry." Dr. Gary Chapman, author of "The Five Love Languages" shares how these two simple words can transform your relationship. Dr. Chapman also says that unless we learn to move past our failures with genuine forgiveness and reconciliation, our marriages will never be everything God intends ...

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Redeeming Relationships

Rich Rollins, the executive pastor at Valley Bible Church in Hercules, CA, talks to Dennis Rainey about the inevitable threat of conflict that every relationship faces....

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Breaking the Curse of Words

Do someone’s harsh words still haunt you? Pastor Tom Elliff reveals how you can break the curse of words and live in the freedom of God’s truth....

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War of Words

Words can bless or they can injure. Dr. Paul David Tripp tells Dennis Rainey why our idle talk hurts our relationship with God and others. ...

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Hope in the Midst of Marriage Conflict

How important is forgiveness to a marriage and family? Dr. Dan Allender, founder and director of Wounded Heart Ministries, tells you where to find hope in the midst of marriage conflict. ...

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The Song of Solomon

Love - we all want it, but how do we make it last? Popular author and pastor Tommy Nelson talks about the Song of Solomon. ...

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Seven Conflicts of Marriage

How do you approach conflict? Join us for today's broadcast when Dennis Rainey, a husband now for some 25 plus years, talks with authors Tim and Joy Downs about the source of marital conflicts. Don't miss it!...

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Love and Respect

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, founder of Love and Respect conferences, reveals the secret for cracking the communication code in marriage....

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