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Resolving Conflict

Sometimes the way to peace is through conflict. Christian counselor Lou Priolo encourages listeners not to shy away from conflict, but to face it head on, knowing that's the only way we can finally gain resolution and peace. Lou Priolo opens the Scriptures to Ephesians 4 to understand the benefits o...

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Forgiving the Unforgivable

David Stoop, a clinical psychologist and co-host of the New Life Radio program, talks to Dennis Rainey about the benefits of choosing forgiveness over revenge....

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25 Years of Radio: Conflict and Forgiveness in Marriage

A healthy relationship without conflict is a myth. Failing to resolve conflict in marriage leads to stagnation, providing the perfect conditions for bitterness and resentment to take root, making it hard to extend and receive forgiveness. From the FamilyLife Today vault, hear classic conversations ...

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Forgiveness: Seventy Times Seven

Pastor Bryan Loritts explores Jesus' words about forgiveness in Matthew 18 and tells why the parable of the man who owed 10,000 talents is so significant for believers today. He reminds us that without forgiveness, true freedom is impossible, for Christ himself freed us from sin and death by forgiv...

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Can a Hollywood Marriage Thrive?

Hollywood is probably one of the hardest places to keep your marriage strong. Join us as Kirk and his wife Chelsea explore how to have a successful Hollywood marriage....

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Growing Together in Forgiveness

Forgiveness is love practiced among people who love poorly. Barbara Rainey, along with her husband, Dennis, talks about the benefits of forgiveness and shares some true stories that illustrate forgiveness, taken from her book, Growing Together in Forgiveness. ...

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Love Like You Mean It: A Cruise with a Purpose

Hear excerpts from some of the key talks from the 2013 Love Like You Mean It Cruise. ...

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Hope After Betrayal

Meg Wilson remembers the day when her husband called to tell her that he was stepping down from his job because of his addiction to internet porn. After forgiving her husband for his sexual addiction and working hard to keep her marriage together, Meg's husband later confessed to having an affair. ...

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A Family at Peace

Conflict is a guest in every family, but it doesn't have to move in permanently. Dennis Rainey talks with Ken Sande, President of Peacemaker Ministries, about resolving conflict in a peaceable way....

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