FamilyLife TodaySep

A Woman's Core Callingswith Courtney Reissig

Day 2 of 2: Barbara Rainey, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, Robert Lewis, and Courtney Reissig give examples of the core...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Is Feminism the Answer?with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Day 1 of 2: God created us in His image. Barbara Rainey, Mary Kassian, Carolyn McCulley, Courtney Reissig, and N...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Breaking the Chains of Bondage...

Day 3 of 3: Wife and mom Lauren Chandler talks honestly about the chains that often bind us. She reflects on her...

FamilyLife TodaySep

What Is Your Anchor?

Day 2 of 3: Lauren Chandler, mother to three and wife to Matt Chandler, takes listeners back to Thanksgiving in ...

FamilyLife TodaySep

God's Loving Kindness

Day 1 of 3: Author Lauren Chandler, wife of Pastor Matt Chandler, fondly shares how she and Matt met and married...

FamilyLife This WeekSep

Walking Through Traumatic Stre...with Ron Deal

Day 1 of 1: Licensed counselor Ron Deal talks about the physical and emotional effects of traumatic stress, and ...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Satisfying Our Husband's Need ...with Rhonda Stoppe

Day 3 of 3: If you're not meeting your husband's need for sexual intimacy, then both of you are missing out. Aut...

FamilyLife TodaySep

When He Doesn't Meet Your Expe...with Rhonda Stoppe

Day 2 of 3: Every marriage has dark seasons. Author Rhonda Stoppe remembers a time when stress led her to verbal...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Bread Crumbs and Other Frustra...with Rhonda Stoppe

Day 1 of 3: Rhonda Stoppe's picture perfect marriage faded after their "I dos." Stoppe shares what she learned t...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Recommitment to Their Futurewith Ann Wilson

Day 2 of 2: Pastor Dave Wilson and his wife, Ann, recall an anniversary dinner that couldn't make up for the neg...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Overcoming Scars From the Past...with Ann Wilson

Day 1 of 2: Dave and Ann Wilson recall their earliest years of marriage and the problems they couldn't resolve. ...

FamilyLife This WeekSep

Surrendering Your Plans to God...with Mike Howerton

Day 1 of 1: "Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails." Lauren Chandle...

FamilyLife TodaySep

It's a Process Not an Eventwith H.B. Charles

Day 2 of 2: Pastor H.B. Charles explains how a loving husband and a godly wife need to be yielded to the Holy Sp...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Sin's Effect on Marriagewith H.B. Charles

Day 1 of 2: Many people are not experiencing a marriage that consists of a loving husband and a happy wife. The ...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Tending to Your Marriagewith Nina Roesner

Day 3 of 3: Author Nina Roesner explains that physical intimacy is as important to men as emotionally connecting...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Stop Competing and Start Respe...with Nina Roesner

Day 2 of 3: Nina Roesner, author of "The Respect Dare," explains that when a woman speaks a man's language of re...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Understanding Respectwith Nina Roesner

Day 1 of 3: Nina Roesner's husband ranked their relationship a perfect 10; she only rated it a two. Roesner tell...

FamilyLife This WeekSep

A Bigger Meaning For Workwith Courtney Reissig

Day 1 of 1: God has a transcendent purpose for our work here on earth. Bethany Jenkins and Courtney Reissig exp...

FamilyLife TodaySep

Back to the Basics: Seek Godwith Dennis Rainey

Day 2 of 2: Having a heart for God means you'll have a life that matters. Dennis Rainey shares his thoughts on s...

FamilyLife TodayAug

Principles to Live Bywith Dennis Rainey

Day 1 of 2: What kind of decision are you making today? For years Dennis Rainey has been sharing seven principle...

FamilyLife TodayAug

Embracing Hopewith Chris and Cindy Beall

Day 3 of 3: Pastor Chris Beall and his wife, Cindy, tell how they rebuilt their marriage from the ground up. Now...

FamilyLife TodayAug

Gradually Rebuilding Trustwith Chris and Cindy Beall

Day 2 of 3: Chris and Cindy Beall, co-authors of "Rebuilding a Marriage," tell how they rebuilt trust over the y...

FamilyLife TodayAug

Desperate for Freedomwith Chris and Cindy Beall

Day 1 of 3: God moved Chris and Cindy Beall to Oklahoma to heal their marriage. The Bealls talk about Chris's af...

FamilyLife This WeekAug

The Heart of Grandparentingwith Josh Mulvihill

Day 1 of 1: Does God have instructions for grandparents? Mary Larmoyeux, Nancy Downing, Josh Mulvihill and Anne ...

FamilyLife TodayAug

Forensic Faithwith J. Warner and Susie Wallace

Day 3 of 3: Why believe in Christ? J. Warner Wallace, along with his wife, Susie, explain that forensic faith is...

FamilyLife TodayAug

Who Do They Think You Are?with J. Warner and Susie Wallace

Day 2 of 3: J. Warner and Susie Wallace recall how they investigated the Gospels and eventually believed that wh...

FamilyLife TodayAug

Trusting the Eye Witnesswith J. Warner and Susie Wallace

Day 1 of 3: J. Warner Wallace, a cold-case homicide detective, and his wife, Susie, tell how he applied his inve...

FamilyLife TodayAug

Application for Blended Famili...with Tim Lundy

Day 2 of 2: The admonishment of Ephesians 4 to put off the old and put on the new applies in unique ways to blen...

FamilyLife TodayAug

Put Off the Old, Put On the Ne...with Tim Lundy

Day 1 of 2: Ephesians 4 teaches that, for those of us in Christ, we must put off the old way of life and put on ...

FamilyLife This WeekAug

A Biblical View of Retirementwith Kay Marshall Strom

Day 1 of 1: How should a Christian approach the stage of life that follows the working years? Kay Marshall Stro...

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