FamilyLife TodayFeb

The Worst of Both Worldswith Bill Butterworth

Day 2 of 2: Father and son team, Bill and Jesse Butterworth, tell how they felt as they struggled to get back on...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

The Beginning of the Endwith Bill Butterworth

Day 1 of 2: Award-winning communicator Bill Butterworth and his son, Jesse, talk about the divorce that changed ...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

Remembering Billy Grahamwith Dennis Rainey

Day 1 of 1: Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine honor the passing of evangelist Billy Graham....

FamilyLife TodayFeb

Heart Attitudes and the Homewith Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Day 3 of 3: What should a woman's attitude be toward her home? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Barbara Rainey open th...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

Modeling Pure Speechwith Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Day 2 of 3: Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Barbara Rainey address a topic that is rarely discussed in the church-gos...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

Investing in the Next Generati...with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Day 1 of 3: Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Barbara Rainey talk about mentoring. Nancy reflects on her family of orig...

FamilyLife This WeekFeb

Millennial Ministrywith Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

Day 1 of 1: Millennials are the emerging generation, and they are coming of age. Hear what we can learn from the...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

Fear Godwith Dennis Rainey

Day 2 of 2: Dennis Rainey continues his message on gospel lessons he learned by parenting his six kids....

FamilyLife TodayFeb

Training Toward the Gospelwith Dennis Rainey

Day 1 of 2: Virgil said, "As the twig is bent, so the tree inclines." Dennis Rainey shares how that concept appl...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

The Spiritual Component of Sex...

Day 3 of 3: Scripture says that sexuality is spiritual. When Dr. Juli Slattery realized this, she dedicated thre...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

Sexual Discipleship

Day 2 of 3: Where did you first learn about sex? Dr. Juli Slattery states that many Christians don't have the bi...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

What Does God Approve Of?

Day 1 of 3: Some things, like intimacy, are hard to discuss. Clinical psychologist Dr. Juli Slattery answers the...

FamilyLife This WeekFeb

My Sweet Valentinewith Voddie Baucham

Day 1 of 1: Valentine's Day is coming. We'll take a look at bad Valentine gifts, the strange history behind the ...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

Understanding Freedomwith David Eaton

Day 3 of 3: David Eaton and Melanie Mudge coach parents on how to talk to their kids about true freedom and expl...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

Bridging the Generation Gapwith David Eaton

Day 2 of 3: David Eaton and Melanie Mudge tell listeners how, in an information-saturated society, our teens nee...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

Keying into the Culturewith David Eaton

Day 1 of 3: David Eaton and Melanie Mudge, tell listeners why Christian kids are leaving the faith. Eaton explai...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

Getting a Jump on Easter

Day 2 of 2: The culture doesn't make much of Easter, but believers should. Barbara Rainey and Tracy Lane tell wh...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

Making Preparations for Easter...

Day 1 of 2: It's almost Easter! Will you be ready spiritually? Barbara Rainey teams up with Tracy Lane to coach ...

FamilyLife This WeekFeb

The Illusion of Greener Grasswith Lisa Anderson

Day 1 of 1: No one's life is perfect. Lisa Anderson makes a challenge to reconsider your assumptions about how o...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

Kindness and the Stepfamilywith Shaunti Feldhahn

Day 3 of 3: Shaunti Feldhahn and Ron Deal team up to talk about kindness and the stepfamily. Feldhahn helps us p...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

Think on the Lovelywith Shaunti Feldhahn

Day 2 of 3: Shaunti Feldhahn reminds us that expressing kindness goes a long way, especially in marriage....

FamilyLife TodayJan

Kindness Makes a Big Differenc...with Shaunti Feldhahn

Day 1 of 3: Shaunti Feldhahn dares anyone having trouble with a relationship to be kind to that person for thirt...

FamilyLife TodayJan

Love Is...

Day 2 of 2: Has Valentine's Day become a little predictable at your house? Then focus on the real meaning of lov...

FamilyLife TodayJan

A New Year of Love

Day 1 of 2: What if you made 2018 the most loving year ever in your home? To help you, Barbara Rainey, joined by...

FamilyLife This WeekJan

Single Beginningswith Tammy Trent

Day 1 of 1: Marriage is a gift from God, but so is singleness, and God Himself should be our rock in every stage...

FamilyLife TodayJan

The Benefits of God's Plan for...with Alistair Begg

Day 2 of 2: Is love enough to sustain a marriage for a lifetime? Pastor Alistair Begg talks about the importance...

FamilyLife TodayJan

Jesus' Teaching on Marriagewith Alistair Begg

Day 1 of 2: Pastor Alistair Begg explains what the Bible teaches about what is really going on during a marriag...

FamilyLife TodayJan

Don't Waste Your Marriage

Day 3 of 3: Why did the Lord bring you and your spouse together? Francis and Lisa Chan remind couples that God h...

FamilyLife TodayJan

Marriage For God's Glory

Day 2 of 3: Francis and Lisa Chan, married for over two decades and parents of seven children, encourage husband...

FamilyLife TodayJan

Marriage in Light of Eternity

Day 1 of 3: Pastor Francis Chan and his wife, Lisa, remind listeners how important it is to find a spouse who lo...

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