Preparing Your Teen for Life – Audio Download


Life skills, character, relationships, spiritual formationall popular buzzwords in the parenting world. But now that your son or daughter is approaching graduation, are you sure you’ve actually given them what they need to succeed in these areas? Dennis and Barbara Rainey share 20 years of teen-launching experience, packed into six brief sessions.


# 1: Why We Must Launch Them

So your teen is about to graduate. Are you really ready? Get a feel for what to expect as Dennis and Barbara set the stage and outline the needs for the months leading up to their launch.


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#2: Spiritual Development

It’s great that your son or daughter has earned scholarships, is going to a good school, or enjoys a fabulous social life. What about their spiritual development? If you’ve missed some milestones on this journey, it’s not too late. Join Dennis and Barbara as they explore this most critical step in the launch process.


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# 3: Character

Our society seems awash in one moral crisis after another. Cheating, stealing, shortcuts to success, and shallow-minded adults abound. What about your teens? How’s their character going to stand up in the marketplace, once mom and dad have less everyday influence? Join us for a discussion of character development.


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#4: Relationships

When your son or daughter enters the brave new world of adulthood, a whole new cast of characters will enter their life. Have you taught them how to recognize and develop healthy, high-quality relationships? Dennis and Barbara help you teach these skills to your teens.


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#5: Life Skills

Can your teens balance their bank account? Do they know how to fill out a job application? Can they locate their important documents? Do they know about property taxes? Practical skills can go a long way toward smoothing your teens’ transition into the real world. We’ll cover practical life skills in this segment.


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#6: A Glimpse of Success

In simple and profound ways, how you launch your son or daughter can help them face their own future with confidence. In this moving and emotional conclusion, Dennis and Barbara share how their own launches were both satisfying and poignant, as they walk you right up to graduation and beyond.


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