Dr. Harold Davis shares about the young men he mentors that don’t have fathers in their lives, and how he is exposing them to the Listen to the series >

Kay Wills Wyma shares what the Bible says about “obsessive comparison disorder” and how to diagnosis it in yourself as well Listen to the series >

Paul and Robin Pennington and Dr. Mary Bennett talk about the hard realities of adoption. Listen to the series >

From the FamilyLife Today vault, hear classic content on romance, conflict resolution, parenting, and other core topics from featured g Listen to the series >

Author Susan Yates whispered “Help me, Lord,” and was surprised that her solution was to get to know how big God was. Listen to the series >

Brad Hewitt challenges listeners to adopt a new money mindset in which God owns it all, and we are merely stewards of His money. Listen to the series >

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