One day at a Promise Keepers conference Joe Pellegrino committed himself to the Lord. He shares what he’s learned about following Listen to the series >

What is the single girl to do with sexuality when the Bible says that sex should be saved for marriage? Juli Slattery and Michelle Hill Listen to the series >

Jaquelle Crowe explains how her parents modeled the gospel as she grew up. She coaches parents on how to make the Christian life attrac Listen to the series >

Lee Wolfe Blum shares the stories of women who rose above their circumstances and relied on the Lord for His courage to live bravely. Listen to the series >

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs encourages listeners to ask themselves four questions before saying anything to another person: Is it true, kind, Listen to the series >

Albert Hsu talks about the effect his father’s suicide had on their family and gives us a first-hand look at this complicated los Listen to the series >

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