J. Warner and Susie Wallace recall how they investigated the Gospels and believed that what the Scriptures said about God was true. Listen to the series >

The admonishment of Ephesians 4 to put off the old and put on the new applies in unique ways to blended families. Tim Lundy concludes h Listen to the series >

All parents want their children to live smart, but how do they teach that value? Dan Dumas tells why the fear of God is the beginning o Listen to the series >

Barrett and Jenifer Johnson tell why it’s important for parents to share God’s perspective on sex with their children. Listen to the series >

From the FamilyLife Today vault, hear classic content on marriage from featured guest experts over the last 25 years. Listen to the series >

J.T. Olson knows what it’s like to be an orphan, having lost both his parents in a tragic automobile accident. Olson explains wha Listen to the series >

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