Milan and Kay Yerkovich explain emotional attachment and tell how they learned to understand and connect with one another. Listen to the series >

Author and blogger Sheila Wray Gregoire lays out nine thoughts that will change the way you look at your marriage. Listen to the series >

When Shauna Shanks’ husband asked for a divorce after ten years of marriage, she made a decision not to give up. Find out how her Listen to the series >

Laura Taggart talks about conflict she sees couples having. She explains how the wounds of childhood carry over into our marriages. Listen to the series >

D.A. and Elicia Horton have had wrestling matches first as a dating couple, and then later as newlyweds. Hear how they learned to resol Listen to the series >

Dennis and Barbara Rainey talk about the core areas in which parents need to train their children: relationships, character, identity, Listen to the series >

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