Tim Muehlhoff exposes the real enemy of your marriage–Satan. Muehlhoff reminds believers that the enemy of our souls is still ali Listen to the series >

Jim Burns explains why the early years of marriage are critical. Burns also explains that once you realize your fears, you can face the Listen to the series >

When Jonathan Edwards’ father left, his absence left a giant hole. Edwards gives insight into the reality of what occurs in the h Listen to the series >

Phillip Bethancourt explains how the gospel has a profound impact when applied to parenting. He tells how he and his wife intentionally Listen to the series >

Author Jen Weaver made a vow to her husband, then realized she needed Jesus to be the third party in their union. Weaver shares how mar Listen to the series >

Joanne Kraft recalls when she and her husband decided their family was going to take a year off from extracurricular activities. Listen to the series >

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