Ron Deal joins Robbie and Sabrina McDonald to talk about their blended family three years after saying “I Do.” Listen to the series >

Ron Deal joins Steve and Misty Arterburn to talk about the complexities of a second marriage. Listen to the series >

The admonishment of Ephesians 4 to put off the old and put on the new applies in unique ways to blended families. Tim Lundy concludes h Listen to the series >

Ron Deal gives insight into a stepdad’s role, and answers some of your most perplexing questions about being a stepfather. Listen to the series >

Lisa Anderson offers five things the church must do when it comes to singles. Lamar and Ronnie Tyler tell why they started their websi Listen to the series >

Ron Deal breaks down the most common and vexing issues facing remarried couples and provides insight into the complexities of remarria Listen to the series >

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