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Making the Most of Easter

March 27, 2017

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Sharing the Gospel

March 25, 2017

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Learning Through a Mentor

March 24, 2017

FamilyLife Today

Where Have All the Mentors Gone?

March 23, 2017

FamilyLife Today

Cherish as Protection

March 22, 2017

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Tetelestai Board

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The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict

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The Case for Christ Movie

Wise Guys Special Offer

Wise Guys

By: Kent Evans

Cherish Special Offer


By: Gary Thomas

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(un)Natural Mom Special Offer

(un)Natural Mom

By: Hettie Brittz

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Is Attending Church Relevant? Special Offer

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Girl Defined Special Offer

Girl Defined

By: Kristen Clark, Bethany Baird

Raising Grateful Kids

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Raising Grateful Kids Special Offer

Improving Your Parenting Study Guide

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Honoring Black Marriages and Families Special Offer

Blended: The Unspoken Truth About Stepfamilies

Singleness and Dating Special Offer

Blended and Blessed 2017

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Is God Anti-Gay?

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Relentless Parenting Bundle

Relentless Parenting

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Parenting Bundle


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Men Who Love Fierce Women Bundle

Men Who Love Fierce Women

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Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior

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Starting an Art of Marriage Connect Group PDF

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Where Have All the Mentors Gon...with Kent Evans

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Cherish as Protectionwith Gary Thomas

Day 3 of 3: Cherishing, begins with the desire to protect your spouse emotionally, physically, and spiritually....

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To Love and to Cherishwith Gary Thomas

Day 2 of 3: Gary Thomas encourages husbands and wives to cherish their spouses by celebrating who they uniquely ...

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What Does It Mean to Cherish?with Gary Thomas

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The Gospel Foundation for Disc...with Brian Housman

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Equipping Leaders in the Local...with Dennis Rainey

Day 1 of 1: Dennis and Barbara Rainey, Bob Lepine, and Ron Deal provide solid biblical answers on questions conc...

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Four Types of Motherswith Hettie Brittz

Day 2 of 2: Hettie Brittz describes four different types of mothers, and how each type is uniquely equipped to b...

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The Motherhood Challengewith Hettie Brittz

Day 1 of 2: For Hettie Brittz, author of "(un)Natural Mom," motherhood proved more challenging than she expect...

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Forgiveness Is Not Optionalwith Shaunti Feldhahn

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Conflict Is Necessarywith Troy and Sara Groves

Day 4 of 5: A healthy relationship without conflict is a myth. From the FamilyLife Today vault, hear classic co...

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Encouraging Your Children for ...with Courtney Reissig

Day 1 of 1: How do we help our kids grow up with a right sense of identity? Kay Wills Wyma, Susan Hunt, and Cour...

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Is Attending Church Relevant?with Kevin DeYoung

Day 1 of 1: Your child is 23 and not going to church. What now? Pastor Kevin DeYoung talks about the mindset of ...

FamilyLife TodayMar

The Value of Affirming Touchwith Ann Wilson

Day 2 of 2: Dave and Ann Wilson walk through an acrostic built around the word "touch." They offer helpful ways ...

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Loving Your Spouse Without Eve...with Ann Wilson

Day 1 of 2: Pastor Dave Wilson and his wife Ann, talk about the value of communicating love to your spouse using...

FamilyLife TodayMar

My Biggest Problem Is Mewith Paul David Tripp

Day 2 of 2: You don't first fix marriages horizontally, you fix them first vertically, says author and counselor...

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Ten Thousand Little Momentswith Paul David Tripp

Day 1 of 2: Author and counselor Paul David Tripp says the little, day-to-day moments in a marriage are profound...

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Just Plain Funwith Ted Cunningham

Day 1 of 1: Families experience a closer connection when they laugh together. Keeping things light with Ted Cunn...

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Walking Through Crisis With Yo...with Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Day 5 of 5: What should you do when your adult child is in a crisis? How much advice and help do you give? Denni...

FamilyLife TodayMar

What Adult Children Need When ...with Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Day 4 of 5: How do you relate to your adult children once they've said, "I do"? Dennis and Barbara Rainey offer ...

FamilyLife TodayMar

Relating to Adult Singleswith Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Day 3 of 5: Parenting young adults can be tricky. Dennis and Barbara Rainey, parents of six adult children, give...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

Making the Big Transitionwith Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Day 2 of 5: It isn't easy watching your sons and daughters go from dependent children to independent adults. Den...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

Releasing Your Child to Adulth...with Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Day 1 of 5: You'll have a relationship with your children throughout their lives, but the rules will change as t...

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The Importance of Restwith Hannah Anderson

Day 1 of 1: Resting is a spiritual discipline that many of us choose to ignore. Guests Hannah Anderson and Barba...

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Preparing for Easter

Day 2 of 2: Are your memories of Easter a blur of colored dresses and eggs? If so, perhaps you're missing the ri...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

Unlocking the Mysteries of Len...

Day 1 of 2: Barbara Rainey helps us rediscover Easter as we rediscover Lent, the season of preparation for the g...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

Real Sexual Freedomwith Kristen Clark

Day 3 of 3: Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird talk about what it means to be a Christian woman in a sexualized cul...

FamilyLife TodayFeb

Being a God Fearing Girl in a ...with Kristen Clark

Day 2 of 3: Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird recall their adventure into fashion modeling. What they discovered i...

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