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Our weekend program, FamilyLife This Week, is hosted by Michelle Hill and features marriage and family experts like Dennis and Barbara Rainey, Bob Lepine, Ron Deal and others. We all face various pressures in our marriages, families, and other valuable relationships...that's why FamilyLife This Week offers a fresh, engaging dose of practical encouragement and "help for today, hopefor tomorrow" to live out your faith in an ever-changing world.

FamilyLife This WeekDec

Rural and Urban Ministrywith Hannah Anderson

Day 1 of 1: Hannah Anderson describes her life and church ministry in a rural setting, and David Robbins describ...

FamilyLife This WeekDec

Marriage and Family Mentorswith Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Day 1 of 1: Hear what Dennis and Barbara Rainey have learned over 40 years in ministry. They share valuable less...

FamilyLife This WeekNov

My Grownup Christmas Listwith Bob Lepine

Day 1 of 1: What do you think God wants us to have for Christmas? What about the Fruit of the Spirit? Bob Lepine...

FamilyLife This WeekNov


Day 1 of 1: Barbara Rainey's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving Day. Find out how she impressed gratitude on her c...

FamilyLife This WeekNov

Suffering and Losswith Tom and Dena Yohe

Day 1 of 1: Dena Yohe, Dennis Rainey, and Rebecca and Jake Mutz talk about their moments of profound grief, and...

FamilyLife This WeekNov

Spiritual Liberation for Priso...with Dennis Rainey

Day 1 of 1: Dennis Rainey gives a message at a local prison, and some of the men in that prison catch a vision t...

FamilyLife This WeekOct

Reformation Day Part 2with Bob Lepine

Day 1 of 1: Bob Lepine explains how this historical movement affects how we raise our families and R.C. Sproul t...

FamilyLife This WeekOct

Reformation Day Part 1with Bob Lepine

Day 1 of 1: The Protestant Reformation defined a new worldview. Pastors R.C. Sproul and Bob Lepine help listener...

FamilyLife This WeekOct

Your Pastor Is Human Toowith Chuck Swindoll

Day 1 of 1: In light of Pastor Appreciation Month, H.B. Charles, Chuck Swindoll, and Christine Hoover remind lis...

FamilyLife This WeekOct

Flaws, Faults, and Failureswith Dan Dumas

Day 1 of 1: All of us have shortcomings and weaknesses, so we need to practice apologizing and asking for forgiv...

FamilyLife This WeekSep

Fostering Friendshipwith Christine Hoover

Day 1 of 1: Christine Hoover, Barbara Neumann, Sue Edwards, and Scott Sauls talk about the value of being intent...

FamilyLife This WeekSep

Hospitality and Servingwith Amy Lively

Day 1 of 1: You love your neighbor when you express hospitality to friends and strangers. Nan McCullough, Amy Li...

FamilyLife This WeekSep

Walking Through Traumatic Stre...with Ron Deal

Day 1 of 1: Licensed counselor Ron Deal talks about the physical and emotional effects of traumatic stress, and ...

FamilyLife This WeekSep

Surrendering Your Plans to God...with Mike Howerton

Day 1 of 1: "Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails." Lauren Chandle...

FamilyLife This WeekSep

A Bigger Meaning For Workwith Courtney Reissig

Day 1 of 1: God has a transcendent purpose for our work here on earth. Bethany Jenkins and Courtney Reissig exp...

FamilyLife This WeekAug

The Heart of Grandparentingwith Josh Mulvihill

Day 1 of 1: Does God have instructions for grandparents? Mary Larmoyeux, Nancy Downing, Josh Mulvihill and Anne ...

FamilyLife This WeekAug

A Biblical View of Retirementwith Kay Marshall Strom

Day 1 of 1: How should a Christian approach the stage of life that follows the working years? Kay Marshall Stro...

FamilyLife This WeekAug

The Bible's Definition of Cour...with Karis Kimmel Murray

Day 1 of 1: Barbara Rainey, Karis Kimmel Murray, Tim and Darcy Kimmel, and Stephen Williams give their definitio...

FamilyLife This WeekAug

Parents of Special Needs Kidswith Sarah Parshall Perry

Day 1 of 1: Do you have a child with special needs? Ginny Owens, Jennifer Shaw, Paul MIller, Sarah Parshall Perr...

FamilyLife This WeekJul

The Journey of Forgivenesswith Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Day 1 of 1: What is forgiveness? What isn't it? Join us on the journey of biblical forgiveness with Leslie Leyla...

FamilyLife This WeekJul

Clearing Our Consciencewith Eric Mason

Day 1 of 1: Discover the value of living in the freedom of a clear conscience with God and others. Our guests, E...

FamilyLife This WeekJul

What Is a Wife?with Arlene Pellicane

Day 1 of 1: Feminism, femininity, and "wifely duties," how do you sort it out? Mary Kassian, Wayne Grudem, Russe...

FamilyLife This WeekJul

Control Issueswith Ron and Jan Welch

Day 1 of 1: If you are a controlling husband or a controlling wife, Scott and Sherry Jennings, Kimberly Wagner, ...

FamilyLife This WeekJul

Differences in Marriagewith Lynn Donovan

Day 1 of 1: Differences can drive a husband and wife apart. Tim and Joy Downs, Lynn Donovan, Dineen Miller, and ...

FamilyLife This WeekJun

Just Praywith David Nasser

Day 1 of 1: Paul Miller, David Nasser, and Megan Hill encourage listeners to draw close to God our Father throug...

FamilyLife This WeekJun

The Importance Of Having Fathe...with Brad Wilcox

Day 1 of 1: Dad, you are more important than you will ever know. Our guests, Brad Wilcox, Steve Farrar, Donald M...

FamilyLife This WeekJun

Tragedy and Hopewith Jerry Sittser

Day 1 of 1: If you or anyone you know has lost a child, you know the grief can consume you. Nancy Guthrie and Je...

FamilyLife This WeekJun

Summertime Funwith Ron Deal

Day 1 of 1: Barbara Rainey and Tracy Lane encourage families to read more this summer. Ron Deal shares strategie...

FamilyLife This WeekMay

Resolving Conflict in Relation...with Jeremy and Tiffany Lee

Day 1 of 1: Matt Chandler, Tiffany Lee, Chip Ingram, and Tim Muehlhoff address the dynamics involved in conflict...

FamilyLife This WeekMay

What Is A Legacy?with Louis Upkins

Day 1 of 1: What will be left in your wake when you are gone? Louis Upkins, Crawford Loritts, and Bryan Loritts ...

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