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Don't Waste Your Marriage

Day 3 of 3: Why did the Lord bring you and your spouse together? Francis and Lisa Chan, co-authors of “You and Me Forever,” remind couples that God has brought them together for a reason, and encourages them not to live for this life, but for eternity. ...


Marriage in Light of Eternity

Day 1 of 3: Your marriage is just a small part of a bigger picture. Pastor Francis Chan and his wife, Lisa, happily reflect on their courtship and eventual marriage. The Chans remind listeners how important it is to find a spouse who loves the Lord so that together they can serve God with all their hearts. ...


Jesus' Teaching on Marriagewith Alistair Begg

Day 1 of 2: What really happens when you say “I do”? Pastor Alistair Begg explains what the Bible teaches about what is really going on during a marriage ceremony. Alistair explains how a couple is now purposefully, wonderfully, gloriously, intimately, dutifully, legally, personally, unconditionally...


The Benefits of God's Plan for...with Alistair Begg

Day 2 of 2: Is love enough to sustain a marriage for a lifetime? Pastor Alistair Begg talks about the importance of understanding God’s plan for marriage. ...


Remembering Billy Grahamwith Dennis Rainey

Day 1 of 1: Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine honor the passing of evangelist Billy Graham. Guests Voddie Baucham, Nancy Gibbs, Priscilla Shirer, Crawford Loritts, Max Lucado, and others also share their reflections on the remarkable life and legacy of this man of God. ...


What Does God Approve Of?

Day 1 of 3: Some things, like intimacy, are hard to discuss. Clinical psychologist Dr. Juli Slattery answers the question she’s asked most frequently: “What does God approve of?” Slattery says that in such a sexually permissive culture, it’s safe to assume that the average couple deals w...

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