Emily Gangl

Emily Gangl was born in Chesapeake, Virginia and was raised in Huntsville, Alabama. At the age of three, her biological parents divorced. She was raised by her father, Todd Gangl, who remarried when she was eight, and she gained a stepmom Tammy Gangl, a step sister Kylie Wheeles, and a step brother Aaron Wheeles. In 2006, their stepfamily was led by God to reach out to other stepfamilies in need, and they began Joseph Stepfamily Ministries incorporating the whole family to create a unique ministry. Emily has helped in the Stepfamily 411 seminars in different ways from sharing her personal experiences and knowledge, to performing in skits and dances. She has helped her father and family write their new small group curriculum “Real Steps” which provides stepfamilies a practical guide to blending a stepfamily. Emily graduated from high school in 2014 and is enrolled at Jacksonville State University where she plans to major in elementary education. In 2014, she spoke at the Blended and Blessed Stepfamily summit and was able to share with leaders in different ministries about what it is like being a child in a stepfamily.

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