Joshua Gangl

Joshua Gangl was born in Huntsville, Alabama and was raised in a large stepfamily with his father, Todd, his step-mother, Tammy, and his five other siblings, Aaron, Nathan, Kylie, Emily and Megan. He is a student of Lee University studying Ministry Leadership with an emphasis in Pastoral Studies and plans to pursue a job as a youth pastor following his graduation from there in July 2015. For the time being, he continues to work with his family as they minister to other stepfamilies through their Stepfamily 411 seminars, which features their family speaking on critical stepfamily issues and sharing practical tips and ideas on how to make stepfamily life work. Recently, Joshua’s stepfamily published their second book, an 8-week stepfamily small group curriculum entitled “Real Steps” which provides practical tips, Biblical wisdom, and unique insight from real step parents and their step kids on overcoming everyday blended family challenges. Joshua shared at the 2014 Blended and Blessed Seminar in Washington D.C. where he, along with his sister Emily, answered questions about their life as stepchildren and their feelings and experiences of going from divorce, through remarriage, and the process of everyday stepfamily life together.

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