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Our FamilyLife Today radio broadcast is one of our most far-reaching ways to bring help and hope to families in need. Since our first show in 1992, hosts Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine have focused on real-life topics to provide listeners with practical, biblical help for their families. As a Legacy Partner, your faithful support makes it possible for this outreach to transform lives all across the world. We hope the programs on this drive minister to your heart, and we pray they will help you minister to your friends, family, and community. You are truly a partner with us in our God-sized vision of “Every Home a Godly Home!”


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Full Series Broadcasts

In this section, you will find the full 2 and 3 days series of some of our favorite broadcasts. Each series falls in to one of 5 categories:


Redemption in Real LifeFamilyLife FriendsFrom the Heart – Dennis RaineyHelpful How-to’s for FamiliesHelp for Blended Families – Ron Deal


Redemption in Real Life

Hans and Star Molegraaf from the series Love Renewed: Hans and Star Molegraaf

Sparks flew the night they met. Hans and Star Molegraaf reminisce about their whirlwind courtship and their partying lifestyle that lead them away from the Lord and into each other’s arms. Though madly in love, marriage didn’t bring the happiness they longed for. Hans and Star Molegraaf tell how their marriage fell apart nearly as quickly as their red-hot romance had started. After separating, Hans tells how he began to come face-to-face with his anger issues, but Star admits she had already found someone else. Hear how God lead them back to one another and miraculously renovated their marriage.

Chris and Cindy Beall from the series Healing Your Marriage When Trust is Broken

A do-over. A new beginning. That’s what Chris and Cindy thought when they moved to Oklahoma to begin a music ministry in a popular church. But what was supposed to be a new start wound up being the end of life as they knew it. Chris Beall, along with his wife, Cindy, talks about his lifelong fascination with porn which eventually culminated into a series of infidelities and a child out of wedlock.

Scott and Sherry Jennings from the series Love Renewed: Scott and Sherry Jennings

When Scott and Sherry Jennings married in college, all they needed was love. Fourteen years later, their feelings had morphed into anger, deceit, and adultery. Find out how a couple moves from love to hate … and back to love.

Jerry Sittser from the series A Grace Revealed

Years after the death of his wife, mother and daughter, Jerry Sittser discusses how God uses suffering to write his story. He talks about the years as a single dad, and the events that led him to courtship and re-marriage. Ron Deal joins Jerry to remind us that our most pressing business right now is what God has brought into our lives today. Together they talk about finding their place in God’s story.

Christopher and Angela Yuan from the series Out of a Far Country

Christopher Yuan, a professor at Moody Bible Institute, reflects back to the day when he finally “came out” to his parents and drove resolutely away. He proceeded to turn to his gay friends and, eventually, drugs for happiness. His mother, Angela, prayed that God would do whatever it took to bring Christopher to Himself. Later, she got the call every parent dreads. Her son, Christopher, was in jail, busted for selling drugs. Could this be the answer to her prayers? Christopher and his mother, Angela, talk about his time in prison, the shock of finding out he was HIV positive, and the way God slowly and patiently drew Christopher to Jesus Christ.

Rosaria Butterfield from the series Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert

Rosaria’s life wasn’t typical. An English professor at Syracruse University, Rosaria was a full-fledged feminist and lesbian bent on exposing a sector she believed was out to threaten her freedoms, the religious right.  Rosaria Butterfield recalls how she viewed Christians back then, when she was a respected leader in the LGBT community.  But then a surprising letter came her way that would introduce her to pastor Ken Smith and his wife, Floy. Rosaria talks about her developing friendship with this couple, and what they did to welcome her and reconsider her views about God.

FamilyLife Friends

Paul David Tripp from the series What Did You Expect?

Think back to when you first got married. What were your expectations? Popular speaker and author Paul David Tripp talks about the reality of marriage and reminds couples that marriage is a union between two flawed people in a fallen world.

William Bennett from the series The Book of Man

A boy without a father is like an explorer without a map. William Bennett, former Secretary of Education under Ronald Reagan, addresses manhood in today’s culture and reflects on his own boyhood and the men who influenced him.

Ken and Joni Tada from the series An Untold Love Story

The Bible tells us that as we journey through this life, we will have troubles, but do our troubles have to define us? According to Joni Tada, we should be defined by how we respond to troubles. Hear from quadriplegic and cancer survivor Joni Tada and her husband Ken, as they discuss how life’s marathon continues into a new and richer season.

Tim and Darcy Kimmel from the series Grace Filled Marriage

Do you show your spouse grace? Grace, according to authors Tim and Darcy Kimmel, is giving someone what they desperately need, but don’t especially deserve. FamilyLife speakers Tim and Darcy know what it means to give and receive grace, and share some grace moments from their own marriage. Tim and Darcy also define love as “the commitment of my will to your needs and best interest, regardless of the cost,” and talk about the three driving inner needs we hope to satisfy in marriage: security, significance, and strength.

Captain Barry Wilmore from Life Aboard the Space Station

On Christmas day 1968, the world listened as American astronaut Frank Borman recited Genesis 1 while watching the lunar sunrise from the command module of Apollo 8, Now, more than five decades later, American astronaut Butch Wilmore joins us live from the International Space Station, as he too declares the glory of God from his unique orbital perspective.

David Nasser from the series Jumping Through Fires

He grew up culturally Muslim. His father was a general in the Iranian army. Pastor David Nasser tells how his family escaped execution and fled Iran during the Iranian Revolution of 1979. For nine months his family tried legally to get into the United States. It was only until his mother encouraged him to pray and ask this “American Jesus,” whom he’d only heard of, to let them into the country, that asylum was granted. David also recalls his family’s early years in the United States. Eager to fit in at his new school in Texas, David tells what lengths he went to find acceptance among his peers. In his quest, however, David found more than he bargained for. He found salvation and purpose through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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From The Heart – Dennis Rainey

Dennis Rainey from the series 40 lessons from 40 years

As Dennis Rainey reflects on 40 years of marriage to his wife Barbara, he shares his top 40 most important lessons he has learned.

Dennis Rainey from the series Stepping Up

It takes courage to lead today. Dennis Rainey calls men to courageously step up and be the husbands, fathers, and mentors Christ has called and equipped them to be. Dennis walks listeners through the five steps of a man’s life, beginning with boyhood and ending with patriarch.

Dennis Rainey from the series A Call to Courageous Manhood

The jump from boyhood to manhood doesn’t happen overnight. Dennis Rainey, outlines the first four steps of manhood and explains a boy’s life as he moves from boyhood to adolescence to manhood to mentor.

Helpful How To’s For Families

Glenn Stanton from the series The Ring Makes All the Difference

Does living together reap the same benefits as marriage? Glenn Stanton, the director for Family Formation at Focus on the Family, doesn’t think so. In fact, Stanton, who’s done extensive research on this topic, tells why cohabitation almost guarantees divorce due to lack of commitment and relational ambiguity. Stanton goes on to explain why cohabitation is a relationship on a man’s terms while marriage is a relationship on a woman’s terms.

Kay Wills Wyma from the series Cleaning House

Mom, are you tired of doing it all? Self-described enabler and mother of five, Kay Wills Wyma, tells how she introduced her kids to the basic tasks of independence by implementing an unusual one-year experiment designed to teach her kids to be helpers, rather than the helped, one household chore at a time.


Joanne Kraft from the series Just Too Busy

Remember time-outs? Have you ever wished there were time-outs for families—time away from all the to-do lists generated by our culture and more freedom to do what you really want? Recovering too-busy mom Joanne Kraft recalls the day when she and her husband decided their family was going to take a year off from all sports and extracurricular activities to spend more time together. Find out how they benefitted from a slower pace of life, and how you can do the same.


Help for Blended Families – Ron Deal

Ron Deal, Rob and Rhonda Bugh, Sabrina Beasley from the series Dating and the Single Parent

Are you ready to date again? Christian counselor Ron Deal shares his thoughts about dating and remarriage, and encourages those who are divorced or widowed to be intentional about creating a home that is redemptive, even if remarriage never happens. Weighing in on the topic is Pastor Rob Bugh and his wife, Rhonda, who have a blended family of nine; and Sabrina Beasley, whose seven-year marriage ended in 2010 when her husband was killed in a car accident, leaving her a single mother of two.

Ron Deal from the series The Smart Stepdad

Statistics show that 16% of all men will be stepdads. How do you know if you’re ready? Ron Deal, founder of Successful Stepfamilies, talks to men about the realities of being a stepdad and encourages men to step out in faith, relying on God’s wisdom, if they’re ready to take the risk.

Ron Deal, Laura Petherbridge from the series The Smart Stepmom

If being a mother is hard work, then being a stepmother is twice as difficult. Successful Stepfamilies founder Ron Deal, along with author and stepmother Laura Petherbridge, talk about the challenges unique to a stepmother.

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Sneak Peek Programs


In this section, you will find the first program in the series from some of our favorite broadcasts. These programs have been sorted in to 5 categories:


Redemption in Real LifeFamilyLife FriendsHelpful How-to’s for FamiliesHelp for Blended Families – Ron Deal


Redemption in Real Life

Clint and Penny Bragg from the series Love Renewed: Clint and Penny Bragg

Most marriages aren’t lived out on a romantic balcony, and neither was Clint and Penny Bragg’s. After what seemed like an ideal courtship and blissfully happy first year, cracks began to form in their marital foundation. Penny began pulling away and communicating less, and an emotional affair with someone else soon followed.


Wendy Blight from the series Hidden Joy

Her college graduation had been fabulous. Now Wendy enjoyed her time celebrating with friends and dreaming about her upcoming wedding and career. But little did she know that something–someone, horrible, was waiting for her just around the corner. Wendy Blight opens up about the rape that caused her to shrink in fear and desperately search for God.


Todd and Angie Smith from the series I Will Carry You

Coming to faith in Christ was just the beginning of a new life for Angie. Angie and her husband, Christian recording artist Todd Smith, recall the joys of marriage and their biggest challenge to date – a pregnancy gone terribly wrong.


Kristen Jane Anderson from the series Life in Spite of Me

On the outside she looked like a typical teen. But on the inside she was full of hopelessness and confusion. Kristen Jane Anderson, a young woman who, in an impulsive move to end her life, laid down on the railroad tracks in front of an oncoming train – and lived to not only tell about it, but to give God the glory.


Nicole Braddock Bromley from the series Breathe

Sexual abuse survivor Nicole Braddock Bromley and her mother, Cindy Stiverson, talk about the abuse Nicole endured at the hands of her step father. Together they reminisce about the night when Nicole disclosed what was really going on, and the steps they took in order to protect themselves.  Nicole talks about her ongoing healing from sexual abuse, which included forgiving her abuser.

Shane Stanford from the series A Positive Life

Pastor Shane Stanford, a lifelong hemophiliac, recalls the unforgettable day when, at 16, his doctor revealed to him that he had tested positive for the HIV virus. Told he had only a few years to live, Shane talks about the invaluable encouragement that kept him going and the beautiful girl who stuck close by his side through it all.

Bill Harbeck from the series Shattered

Imagine hiding a secret for 21 years. That’s how long Bill Harbeck was married before he told his wife about his past sexual abuse. Sexual abuse survivor Bill Harbeck talks about the idyllic life he led as a child of the 50’s and 60’s and the predator that gradually cornered him into a web of lies and secrets.  Bill shares how he brought his secret to the light and the steps he took to find healing for his life and marriage.

Jim Garlow from the series Caring for Carol

Pastor Jim Garlow and his wife, Carol, talk about when a health issue threatens a spouse.

Kim and Krickitt Carpenter from the series The Vow

A chance meeting can sometimes lead you to the love of your life. That certainly was the case for Kim and Krickitt Carpenter as they got to know each other over the phone when Kim called to order uniforms for his baseball team. More calls followed, and soon they were meeting in person. It wasn’t long after that wedding bells were ringing. But wedded bliss was shattered when a tragic car wreck changed their lives, but not their love, forever.

Justin and Trisha Davis from the series Beyond Ordinary

Justin and Trisha Davis’s relationship started out as anything but ordinary with Justin’s unorthodox pickup line and proceeded through their epic honeymoon. Settling into marriage, it didn’t take long for them to drift away from one another toward isolation. Hear the compelling story of a marriage redeemed, as they chose to live a life for Christ that was beyond ordinary.

Michael and Sharon Dennehy from the series A Very Special Family

Have you ever considered adoption? Michael and Sharon Dennehy didn’t, at least not in the early years of marriage as they dreamed about their ideal family. But God began to change their minds. Michael and Sharon talk about the incredible family God designed for them, which includes 12 children, nine of whom are adopted and many of whom have special needs. Michael and Sharon Dennehy also talk about the challenges and realities of adopting children with special needs. The Denneheys remind listeners that as believers, we’ve all been adopted by God, and that expanding their family through adoption hasn’t depleted the love they have to give, but has enlarged it.

Vicki Tiede from the series When Your Husband is Addicted to Pornography

Pornography is hurting a lot of marriages. Vicki Tiede recalls finding inappropriate magazines. Distraught and pregnant she sought help from her pastor and recommitted her life and her marriage to Christ. After years with his addiction she realized that his behavior wasn’t going to stop. Taking the advice of godly counsel, Vicki left home in an attempt to protect herself and her daughter from her husband’s increasingly reckless behavior. Vicki tells how her faith in Christ helped her forgive her husband and start a new life.

Donovan Campbell from the series The Leader’s Code

What makes someone a leader? Former Marine Captain Donovan Campbell, who was awarded a Bronze Star with Valor during his service in Iraq and Afghanistan, talks about the necessity of servant leadership and the importance of a leader knowing his mission, on and off the field. At home, Campbell says, he has a sacred charge to mold his children into disciples of Christ as he teaches and models faith and virtue.

Bishop W.C. Martin from The Miracle from Possum Trot

Bishop W. C. Martin of Bennett Chapel in Possum Trot, Texas, was inspired by the life and memory of his mother-in-law, to give back to the community. So he and his wife adopted a young girl and her brother from the foster care system. What started out as an act of obedience to one family, caught fire with the congregation in the small community.

Carolyn Weber from the series Holy Is The Day

The road of life sometimes makes unexpected turns. That’s what Carolyn Weber found to be true when a college professor submitted her application for a scholarship to Oxford, and she was selected. Carolyn reflects on those early months as a student at Oxford and her spiritual awakening which began there.  Dennis Rainey also welcomes Kent Weber on the program to share how he witnessed to, and then wooed, his wife, guest Carolyn Weber, whom he met when they were students at Oxford.

Irene and Domingo Garcia from the series Rich in Love

When Domingo and Irene Garcia fell in love and married, it was like mixing oil and water. Hear them tell their unique story.

Leslie Leyland Fields from the series Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers

Leslie Leyland Fields shares about the time she packed up her kids and traveled to Florida to visit her estranged father.

Elisa Morgan from the series The Beauty of Broken

Elisa Morgan talks about her broken family of origin, and the unexpected brokenness in her new family she’d hoped to prevent.

FamilyLife Friends

Francis Chan from the series Forgotten God

Are you under the influence? Pastor Francis Chan reminds believers about their need for the Holy Spirit and calls on the church to be conduits of the Holy Spirit’s power and love. As Chan points out, having the Spirit of God inside us should make a huge difference in the way we live. If we aren’t living any differently than the world, we need to examine our faith.

Randy Alcorn from the series If God Is Good

If God is good, then how can He allow suffering? Randy Alcorn reflects on who God is and what His purposes are for Creation. He points to Jesus as the ultimate answer to our toughest questions.

Mary Kassian from the series Girls Gone Wise

Countering the “Girls Gone Wild” attitude, award winning author Mary Kassian encourages women to take God at His word and believe and delight in God’s plan for male and female.  Mary also talks to women about setting up healthy boundaries in order to protect themselves physically and emotionally.

Kay Arthur from the series When the Hurt Runs Deep

Where do you turn when you’re in pain? Kay Arthur, founder of Precept Ministries, has good news for those who are grieving, broken, or disappointed; healing is available through Jesus Christ. Kay encourages listeners to get acquainted with the God who loves them by studying and meditating on His Word.

Kirk and Chelsea Cameron from the series Sharing the Love and Laughter

The drift toward isolation in marriage is common to every marriage, whether you’re selling insurance in Indiana, serving in ministry, or working in Hollywood as an actor. Hear from Kirk Cameron and his wife, Chelsea, and find out how God drew them back together.

Eric Metaxas from the series Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

New York Times best-selling author Eric Metaxas talks with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine about the controversial life and ministry of the German pastor, Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Dr. Meg Meeker from the series The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers

Are you in a race to see who can be a better mom? Pediatrician and mother of four, Dr. Meg Meeker, feels that many mothers today have lost their joy due to an overbearing beast called peer pressure and the need to keep up with other moms. Meeker encourages mothers to “jump off the train” of perfectionism and to simplify their lives by setting up boundaries and trusting their instincts.

Max Lucado from the series Grace: More Than We Deserve

What’s so unique about grace? Everything! Best-selling author Max Lucado explains why grace is so essential to the Christian message and why it frees believers from having to prove themselves to God. Max notes that we shouldn’t limit grace to what Jesus already did for us; it’s what He does—His presence inside our heart. Bottom line: God is the ultimate heart surgeon, transplanting His heart into ours, as He tells us in Ezekiel 36: “I’ll remove your heart of stone and replace it with a heart that’s God-willed, not self-willed.”

Josh McDowell from the series Undaunted

God works everything for good, and so it seems when life is easy. But it’s much harder to swallow when life couldn’t get worse. Josh McDowell reminisces about growing up with an abusive, alcoholic father, and talks about the sexual abuse he endured for eight years at the hands of a man hired to help with his parents’ farm. Reflecting on his past, McDowell explains why he’s thankful for his childhood, despite the difficulties.

Sally Lloyd-Jones from the series The Jesus Storybook Bible

Sometimes one bold, courageous step can lead to a higher calling and purpose. Such is the case for Sally Lloyd-Jones, author of “The Jesus Storybook Bible.” Sally recalls how her father sent her off to boarding school at the tender age of eight with the words of Joshua 1, “Be strong and very courageous.” Though ill and terribly frightened at the time, Sally was sure that God was going ahead of her. Sally tells how those years of boarding school stretched her imagination and helped mold her into the writer she is today.

Michael Jr. from Comedy with a Purpose

Comedian Michael Jr. has a strict discipline to his comedy routine. It must be clean enough that he could say it behind a pulpit, and yet it must be funny enough it could be said in a club. Michael shares how he came to Christ.

Wayne Grudem from the series The Poverty of Nations

Are some countries destined to be poor? While traveling in Africa, seminary professor Dr. Wayne Grudem, was asked a troubling question by a local:  “Why is Africa so poor? Are we under a curse?” Startled by this puzzling question, Dr. Grudem set out to find an answer. Grudem shares what he’s found during his search, and encourages those in wealthier countries not to blame themselves for the lack in the poorer countries, but instead to look at the poorer countries’ economics, which most often don’t support a free market system and hinders productivity among its people.  Dr. Grudem also looks at the complicated problem of poverty and the Christian’s response to it.

Paul David Tripp from the series Sex and Money

Christian counselor Paul Tripp talks about the idols of money and sex – those things that often replace God in our hearts. We must see all pleasure for what it is – a finger pointing to the glory of God.

Helpful How-to’s For Families

Dennis Rainey from the series The Profound Power of a Legacy

What kind of legacy will you leave someday? We all leave a legacy behind, either for good or bad. Dennis Rainey talks about three points related to leaving a legacy: it’s not about you, but God, sin’s mark on each legacy, and the steps of faith and sacrifice that make up each legacy.

Dennis Rainey from the series Aggressive Girls

Are your sons fair game for the girls? Dennis Rainey addresses the very real problem of sexually aggressive girls. Rainey explains that, due to the rise of absent fathers today, many young women are looking for their emotional gas tanks to be filled by young men, and doing whatever it takes to get a boy’s love and attention. Find out how to teach your sons how to deal with aggressive girls.

Steve and Candice Watters from the series Marry Well

If you want to marry, what are the options? Steve and Candice Watters coach men and women to think biblically about marriage. Steve and Candice talk to singles about sizing up a potential mate and building a relationship that will go the distance.

Russ and Julie Crosson from the series Eight Important Money Decisions

Are finances a touchy subject at your house? Russ Crosson, President of Ronald Blue & Company, and his wife, Julie, talk about the wisdom of planning a family budget. The Crosson’s recall the financial tensions they experienced early in their marriage and tell how a budget got them working as a team.

Dr. Charles Hodges from the series Good Mood, Bad Mood

What is bipolar disorder? Dr. Charles Hodges explains the signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder. Hodges recalls the first time he ever met someone who was bipolar, and Bob Lepine talks about his own father, who struggled with this diagnosis. Dr. Hodges also explains the difference between depression and normal sadness, and helps us look at emotional pain through a biblical grid.

Sara Horn from the series My Life as a So-Called Submissive Wife

Sara Horn talks about the ups and downs of her year trying to practice biblical submission. Find out what she learned about herself, and God’s idea of submission, during her twelve months participating in this interesting experiment.

Ted Cunningham from the series Fun Loving You

Ted Cunningham tells of the fun he has making his wife laugh. Ted reminds couples to enjoy themselves in the midst of life’s ups and downs.

Help for Blended Families

Ron Deal and Bob & Vicki Maday from the series Stepfamilies and Holidays

It’s challenging enough trying to blend two families in a re-marriage, but blending family traditions surrounding Christmas takes the “blender” to a higher speed. Bob and Vickie Maday and their respective daughters, Katie and Jonell frankly describe the uncomfortable but unavoidable tension that exists in the early years of a new blended family’s Christmas traditions.

Bill and Evelyn Thompson, Ron Deal from the series The Realities of Remarriage

Bill and Evelyn Thompson share about their losses, their second chance at love, and the adjustments of blending their families.

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Bonus Material


We have so many favorites, we just had to share more with our Legacy Partners. Thank you for your faithful partnership with FamilyLife®!


Bill Bright from the series Reflections of Life: A Personal Visit With Bill Bright

How would you spend your last days on earth? What does finishing the race well look like? For Campus Crusade founder Dr. Bill Bright, nothing was more rewarding than fulfilling the Great Commission to the very end. Hear Dennis Rainey’s interview with Dr. Bill Bright in the last days of his battle with Pulmonary Fibrosis, a disease that eventually took his life.

Elisabeth Elliot from the series Quest for Love

Does dating and courtship always have to be so complicated? Elisabeth Elliot, author of the popular book “Quest for Love,” talks about using your head before awakening your heart. Elisabeth Elliot also talks about the challenges of singleness.

Lars Gren, Elisabeth Elliot Gren from the series Enduring Love Stories

Listen to well noted couples Lars and Elisabeth Elliot Gren, Rick and Kay Warren, and Ken and Joni Eareckson Tada tell how God brought them together to their spouses and kept them together through the years.

John and Donna Bishop from the series God Is So Good

John Bishop’s memory was erased by illness. Hear about his courageous journey back!

Charlie and Lucy Wedemeyer from the series Storm Stories: Charlie’s Victory

All marriages have their struggles, but when a spouse becomes seriously ill, it can take a toll on the marriage. Charlie Wedemeyer, who battles with Lou Gehrig’s disease, and his wife Lucy, talk about their love for one another and the faith that keeps them strong.

John Wooden from the series True Success: A Personal Visit with John Wooden

Dennis Rainey talks with legendary basketball coach John Wooden.

Barbara Rainey from the series Stepping Up to Manhood

There is confusion today about the meaning of manhood. Dennis Rainey calls men to step up and be real men–strong, purposeful and spiritual. Barbara Rainey also talks frankly to women about five things that hinder, and five things that encourage their husbands toward manhood.

Dennis Rainey from the series Putting Your Parents in Proper Perspective

You’ve loved them, you’ve hated them, and sometimes you didn’t understand them at all. Who are they? Your parents, of course! Dennis Rainey helps you put your parents in proper perspective.

Dennis and Barbara Rainey from the series Relating to Your Adult Children

You’ll have a relationship with your children throughout their lives, but the rules will change as they reach adulthood. Dennis and Barbara Rainey talk about relating to your children once they leave the nest.

Barbara Rainey, Susan Yates from the series Barbara and Susan’s Guide to the Empty Nest

Authors Barbara Rainey and Susan Yates share their personal experiences about entering the empty nest.

Barbara Rainey, Susan Yates from the series Guide to the Empty Nest 2

The kids are gone. The house is empty. What will you do now? Dennis Rainey welcomes his wife, Barbara, and family friend Susan Yates, to talk about the second half of life called the empty nest.

Dennis & Barbara Rainey from Preparing Your Teen for Life

Is your teen prepared for adulthood? Dennis and Barbara Rainey, parents of six grown children, identify four key areas of a child’s life that parents must strive to develop before launching them into the big, wide world.

Dennis & Barbara Rainey from the series Rekindling the Romance in Your Marriage

Dennis and Barbara Rainey tell how the little nuisances of life are often the very things that become big obstacles to romance. Find out how you can jump these hurdles for a more intimate marriage. Dennis and Barbara also tell how going the extra mile in romance can put the “mmmm” back in marriage. One of the reasons we get bored in our marriage is that it becomes too routine. Break out of your rut – try new things, go new places, and you’ll rekindle the romance.

Dennis Rainey from the series Interviewing Your Daughter’s Date

What role does a father play when his daughter starts dating? A father of four daughters himself, Dennis Rainey shoots straight with fathers about protecting their daughters by drawing proper boundaries. Hear what this protection does for the daughters, their dates, and the fathers themselves.


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