Jill’s House

Cameron Doolittle and Brenda Solomon come together to talk about Jill’s House, a respite care facility.

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Your Child and the Autism Spectrum

God is good, even when life presents challenges. Dr. Laura Hendrickson, a mother of an adult autistic son, shares what she's learned about autism over the years and explains what treatments were helpful to her son during his development. ...

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Jill's House

ameron Doolittle and Brenda Solomon come together to talk about Jill’s House, the respite care facility that’s giving much needed rest to families in the Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland area. Founded by Brenda and her husband, Lon, after they experienced the need for respite firsthand wh...

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Special Kids with Special Needs

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Breaking Free With Max

Chuck Colson talks about the beautiful things Max, his autistic grandson, has taught him about life and love. ...

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