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Humble Roots

Hannah Anderson tells of a season when the stress and anxiety of daily living kept her up at night. Anderson realized that leaning into Christ and learning humility was the key to finding peace. Anderson and Barbara Rainey talk about the need for humility as they seek to live within the boundaries ...

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Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

Ever feel like quitting your life? Crystal Paine, founder of the personal finance blog, MoneySaving Mom," talks about the day she realized that she didn't have to do it all. Crystal tells how one little word, NO, revolutionized her life and gave her more time for the things that really mattered. ...

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Sara Hagerty, author of "Unseen," talks with Barbara Rainey about what it means to live a life that is seemingly hidden and unnoticed. Hagerty and Rainey remind listeners that we were created to be seen first by God, and then by the people around us. Then, when we invite God into those humdrum mom...

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Spiritual Life Coaching

Did you know that there's a mistress flirting around your pastor's door? The mistress's name? Ministry. Dennis Rainey speaks to pastors about how they can avoid this marriage-destroying trap. He also alerts us to the dangers of what he calls "terrorism of the soul" as he explores the toxic effects o...

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I'm Happy For You, Not Really

"Thou shalt not covet," right? So what about comparison? Kay Wills Wyma says with the prevalence of the internet and social media, we're becoming comparison junkies. Kay explains where this urge to compare comes from and why indulging in this vice demolishes our contentment....

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Just Too Busy

Are you feeling overwhelmed with busyness? If so, you'll want to Are you feeling overwhelmed with busyness? If so, you'll want to hear about the radical steps one over-extended mother took to step out of the rat race and refocus on her family. With extra time back in their schedules, author Joanne K...

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Little House on the Freeway

Author Tim Kimmel outlines the seven characteristics that indicate your family lives a hurried lifestyle....

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